Commencement Class Giving 2020 Awards Presentation – We Rise By Lifting Others

Commencement Class Giving 2020 Awards PresentationCommencement Class Giving is a longstanding tradition of graduating students coming together to enable their juniors to enjoy the same education they received.  

Themed, “We Rise By Lifting Others”, the 2020 campaign featured the key visual of a hot air balloon rising in the blue sky. The balloon represents the graduating class leaving their alma mater while floating upwards to achieve their dreams. The balloon also represents the gift that they are leaving behind for their juniors.

It is in this spirit of uplifting others that 85 Commencement Class Champions from the graduating Class of 2020 stepped up for a greater cause – collectively supporting juniors who are facing financial challenges, and enriching campus life for all. Thanks to their commendable efforts, the campaign raised S$68,000 from 471 donors.

Commencement Class Giving 2020 Awards Presentation, Mr Kevin OngOn 25 February 2021, the Annual Giving team hosted partners from NUS faculties, schools and halls of residence, as well as Class Champions, at a luncheon to commemorate the end of the 2020 campaign. Maureen Rose Christabelle, a fourth-year undergraduate majoring in Biomedical Engineering who created the key visual, was also present.

“Class Champions, thank you for continuing the proud tradition of giving back to the NUS community, and for inspiring your juniors to do the same,” said Mr Kevin Ong, Director of Major Gifts and Frontline Enablement from the National University of Singapore (NUS) Development Office.

Likening the assistance rendered by Class Champions to a parachute given to a person in mid-air, Mr Ong pointed out that the gifts provided immediate support at a crucial time to students in need.

He also thanked partners for their active participation in the programme over the years, which has been the bedrock of the success of NUS Giving.

Commencement Class Giving 2020 Awards Presentation, Guests Enjoying Lunch“With faculty and staff being so close to the ground, we witness firsthand the transformative journeys that our students undertake. Your dedicated time and efforts will enable each and every student to reap the full benefits of the university experience. I am grateful to have you by our side, as we shape NUS, and future generations of changemakers,” added Mr Ong.

A highlight of the event was the Awards Presentation, where trophies were presented to Faculties, Schools and Halls of Residence with the highest participation rate amongst graduating students. Certificates and prizes were also presented to three top fundraising Champions, Mr Andy Ng Jing Xue from King Edward VII Hall, Ms Hanna Diyana Azahar from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and Mr Seth Chan Yi from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

Commencement Class Giving 2020 Awards Presentation, Group PhotoAnother highlight was a performance by the Open Score Project. Founded in 2018 by a Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music alumna, the band comprises of musicians across different cultural backgrounds and musical influences. Guests were treated to uplifting musical arrangements inspired by Singapore’s different ethnic cultures and performed on a variety of traditional instruments, which includes the Accordion, Ethnic Percussion, Double Bass, and Pipa.

Amid the challenges that we are facing today, it is the strong sense of community that bonds us as one NUS.

Class Champions from the graduating Class of 2020, thank you for giving back to the NUS community, and inspiring your juniors to do the same!

For information on making a gift to NUS Commencement Class Giving programme, visit or contact us at 1800-DEVELOP (1800-338-3567).