Engineering students supported by generous alumni through bursaries


Engineering Class of 1976 celebrations. 

To commemorate 25 years since graduation, the National University of Singapore (NUS) Mechanical Engineering (ME) Class of 1990 set up the ME90 Bursary to support ME students who are in financial need.

Mr Lim Kay Teck (’90), the key champion of the fundraising campaign admits that it was difficult at first.

“When I first started serious discussions on setting up this Bursary fund back in 2014, it was a slow process. Fortunately, there were very supportive classmates who started the ball rolling. We gradually managed to get more interested in the cause,” Mr Lim explains.

Year 2 Chemical Engineering student Alvin James Ting, whose family is constantly worrying about money, is very relieved to receive the Class of 1976 Engineering Bursary.

“My father does not have a permanent job hence we live from paycheck to paycheck. I worked very hard to be here today as I wish to give my parents a better, more stable life. I am grateful to the alumni who made this possible and for alleviating my family’s burden,” Alvin expresses.

Mr Lim, who is a facilities management director at CBRE Ltd, described the Class of ME90 as fun-loving and shares how the Class has been meeting up regularly for many years to reminisce about the good times they had at the University.

“The Mechanical Engineering Department is a special and unique place that holds great memories! I am thankful that the Class came together for this special cause and we hope that by helping the students, we are also setting a good culture of class giving for future generations,” Mr Lim adds.

Another class bursary that has been going strong since its inception in 2011, is the Class of 1976 Engineering Bursary. With unfaltering support from the class committee, Mr Leong Yue Wing (’76) led the fundraising to a record high during their 40th anniversary celebrations.

When asked about his unwavering commitment to the cause, he says, “In my second career, I have learnt to persuade, be happy with rejection and to rejoice when people experience the delight and joy of giving. I believe that everyone should map out an annual giving plan; just as the way we plan for birthdays and holidays.”