Class giving makes fundraising fun


Mrs Constance Koh (centre, in blue) enjoyed rallying the Accountancy Class of 1975 to contribute and make a difference 

On the 40th anniversary of the National University of Singapore (NUS) Accountancy Class of 1975, Mrs Constance Koh (’75) gathered her classmates not only to celebrate their lasting friendships, but more importantly, to honour the spirit of giving by raising funds for the Accountancy Class of 1975 Bursary.

The Accountancy alumna became an avid fundraiser when she joined the NUS Development Office as Director of Operations three years ago. Even though her role primarily focuses on policies, risk management and the operational side of fundraising, she could not help but swing into action when she realised that she could contribute by making a class gift happen.

“While some of my classmates are already loyal donors to the University, some of them never thought about giving to education until I brought it up,” Constance admitted.

But her classmates, some of whom she is still very close to, did not let her down and the funds raised have since surpassed her initial expectations.

Classmate Mr Lim How Teck (’75), Chairman of Heliconia Capital Management Pte Ltd, reminisces about the time he was studying for his ‘A’ levels and received an MOE Bursary.

“I know what it feels like to receive financial aid back then, being the eldest son of a less affluent family with seven younger siblings. So when I heard about this Bursary being set up, I did not hesitate at all. It’s wonderful to come together as a class to help more students, and I believe that giving to education reaps long-term benefits,” explains Mr Lim.

The strong support from the Accountancy Class of 1975 encouraged Constance to try reaching out to other alumni friends outside the class, and even her vast network of contacts outside the University.
“Now that I am here in NUS, I cannot stop thinking about how many more students we can help, how investing in education is the key to changing our future, and how important philanthropy is in making NUS a top university,” shares the former Executive Director of Lum Chang Holdings.

For Constance, giving back to society is a responsibility she assumes naturally. She has been involved in helping to raise funds to set up learning centres in orphanages in Vietnam, and has also participated in fundraising for charities in Singapore.
But to her, real impact lies in empowering the next generation.

“When we give to NUS, we are building up young people to become a value-add to society in the future. I hope that all Bursary recipients will be responsible with the opportunities they have received, become good people, and help others whenever they can in time to come,” she adds.

If you wish to contribute to the Accountancy Class of 1975 Bursary or other funds at NUS, please click here.