Pharmacy community lends a helping hand to students


Assoc Prof Chui Wai Keung (’87), Assoc Prof Rachel Ee (’98) and Mr Kwan Yew Huat (’82), a loyal supporter of the Department (from left to right) 

In celebration of 110 years of being an integral player in the nation’s healthcare community, the National University of Singapore (NUS) Department of Pharmacy, home to Singapore’s only Pharmacy degree programme, established its first endowed bursary, made possible through collective gifts. The Pharmacy 110th Anniversary Endowed Bursary will provide sustainable funds to support students in financial need.

“We feel it is our social responsibility to assist needy students in completing their Pharmacy education without the added pressure of worrying about whether they can afford to pay their fees,” expresses Associate Professor Chui Wai Keung (’87), immediate former Head of the Department of Pharmacy. Assoc Prof Chui was joined by Assoc Prof Ee Pui Lai, Rachel (’98) in spearheading this fundraising initiative.

Assoc Prof Chui was apprehensive at first when he started writing personally to alumni to appeal for gifts. To his pleasant surprise, however, many responded quickly and a few even asked their spouses, who are alumni, and companies to give. Faculty and staff also responded to the appeal when Assoc Prof Ee provided updates on the fundraising initiative. 

Thanks to their support, the Department managed to raise sufficient funds to establish the Bursary within a month of fundraising. Assoc Prof Chui believes that the success of the fundraising initiative is partly due to the fact that the Department has established good relationships with its alumni over the years, the fruit of excellent staff and student rapport as well as a strong class identity.

Scholarship recipient and donor Mr Kwan Yew Huat (’82) not only contributed personally to the Fund, but he also champions the cause among his classmates.

“I believe, as Pharmacy alumni, we must continue the spirit of giving back and help our younger generation achieve their goals and contribute to our profession,” he affirms.

With so much support from the community, Assoc Prof Chui hopes that recipients, such as Rachel Law (’18), will appreciate the generosity of strangers and be inspired to do the same for future generations of students when they are financially able.

“Before I commenced the Pharmacy programme, there was much concern and uncertainty as to how I could afford the tuition fees. Had it not been for the Bursary and other financial aid offered by NUS, a university education would not have been possible for me. Now, I am empowered to pursue my dreams and work towards a rewarding career that I truly love,” shares Rachel.

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