Largest alumni family inspired to make a gift back to NUS


Children of the late Mr Lim Chin Hin 

Back in 1994, in celebration of the National University of Singapore (NUS) Alumni Day, a search was on to find the largest alumnus family. With 12 alumni across three generations – from patriarch Lim Chin Hin (’38) to grandson-in-law, Mervyn Lim Sing Hok (’82), the Lim family got the honours.

Nearly two decades on, the Lim family was inspired to make a gift to establish the Lim Chin Hin Bursary in commemoration of what would have been the late Mr Lim’s 100th birthday this year.

The late Mr Lim was one of the early graduates in 1937 from the Economics Department of Raffles College. His strong passion in education has been a main source of inspiration for all six of his daughters, who trained to become teachers. In addition, Mr Lim instilled in his children the values of being generous and to show great compassion to the needy. He was a frugal and prudent man and a great believer in reducing wastage. He also took great pride and delight in having a harmonious family.

In memory and honour of Mr Lim’s values, the Lim family made a collective gift to NUS. “We are happy to learn that the gift will help those who have a desire to achieve a university education but do not have adequate financial means to do so. We hope that the Bursary recipients will continue to pursue their dreams and not let financial constraints stand in their way. In future, we hope that they will do the same and help others to realise their aspirations,” shares Mrs Tang Poh Kim (’64), daughter of the late Mr Lim.

Economics Major Cheryl Lim Pei Jin, was very grateful to be awarded the Lim Hin Chin Bursary, which has helped to lessen her family’s financial burdens and allowed her to fully enjoy her university experience.

“My dad, the sole breadwinner of the family, passed away when I was 12. As we grew older, my grandmother aged as well. My mother had to take up part-time jobs, which were barely sufficient to pay for household and utility bills. Before receiving the Bursary, I avoided purchasing textbooks as they were expensive. With the Bursary, I could afford necessities for school and ease my family’s financial burdens. I am really glad that I didn’t have to compromise on my studies because of our financial situation,” Cheryl shares.

Currently, Cheryl is serving as the Publicity Secretary in NUS’ Outdoors Activities Club (ODAC) and a member of the organising committee of the FASS Camp 2015. The Bursary not only gives her the time to experience various activities, but also opportunities to build up skills in organising, planning, and executing events. “NUS is an amazing university to be in. Campus life is very vibrant! I strongly encourage everyone to step out of their comfort zone and explore the myriad activities available in NUS,” she says. Cheryl, a Year 2 student, will be embarking on her Student Exchange Programme (SEP) to Queen’s University in Kingston, Canada, in January 2016.

Cheryl feels motivated to give back to the less fortunate when she becomes financially independent in the future. “While bursaries may just be part of a working adult’s monthly income, they may mean so much more to a financially disadvantaged student.”

The Lim family also strongly encourages alumni to give back to their alma mater. “Alumni giving is certainly a constructive way to express gratitude for what we have received and to invest in future generations. It is also a meaningful way to remember a person or to commemorate a special occasion.”

If you wish to contribute to your alma mater, please click here.