CREATION 2020 - Dare to Inspire!

CREATION is an annual digital design competition organised by the NUS Students’ Union Committee for Information Technology (NUSSU CommIT). Open to all NUS students, CREATION 2020 called on participants to create artworks that will inspire change for three real-world problem statements. Three winners will then be selected for each problem statement.

NUS Giving partnered NUSSU CommIT for the second time this year to set up one of the three problem statements for the competition. Participants could choose to create a key visual for NUS Commencement Class Giving 2021. The design should inspire pride in being affiliated with NUS and encourage students to mark their graduation with a gift in support of their juniors.

2021 marks the 15th year of NUS’ Commencement Class Giving tradition. Each year, the graduating class comes together to celebrate convocation by making a single gift (S$20.21 for Class of 2021) to enable their juniors to enjoy the same education that they received.

Since 2007, over 22,000 graduating NUS students have made gifts to the Commencement Giving Programme. Together, they have raised close to S$1.6 million.


The winning piece for the NUS Commencement Class Giving 2021 problem statement in CREATION 2020, was designed by William Warumpal Archery a second-year undergraduate majoring in Electrical Engineering and Innovation & Design. William had chosen line illustrations to graphically represent values that are important in every NUS student such as efficiency, adaptability and capability. He also incorporated the NUS lion mascot in his design and chose grey and yellow as the main colour palette to represent how NUS students are able to illuminate the way through difficult times.  

 william 2  

The runner up is Rebekah Seow Wei En, a final-year student majoring in Political Science. Rebekah drew inspiration from the story of Aladdin for her design to invoke positive reactions through whimsical, dream-like aesthetics. Rebekah also saw Aladdin as a metaphor for NUS students who are chasing their dreams yet lack the resources to do so. The Genie in the story represents donors and graduating cohorts who have made gifts that enabled the realisation of those dreams.



In third place is Lim Shi-An, a final-year undergraduate majoring in Theatre Studies and Business Management. Shi-An was inspired by the motif of botany as a metaphor for growth and development. Through the hand-drawn floral elements in the design, the NUS student’s journey is encapsulated through the idea of reaching full bloom or coming to fruition. 


What was your inspiration and design process?
William: I chose this design style due to the simplicity and elegance of the lines. Each graphic image is formed with a single line. The inspiration behind my idea is to represent NUS students as adaptable and capable, especially when it comes to turning the hardest situations into something great.

Shi-An: I wanted something that fit my tagline well. It was a very natural process designing this poster because it's a cause that I really support. The idea of giving back to the soil that enabled you to blossom was the main inspiration (and metaphor) behind my eventual product. I wanted to encapsulate the heart of the initiative in a simple, beautiful image. 

Why did you choose to design for the Commencement Class Giving problem statement?
Shi-An: Before reading the problem statement, I had little knowledge about what the Commencement Class Giving campaign was. I was struck by the fact that it is such a simple yet meaningful gesture that I now believe all of us should partake in when we graduate.  

Tell us more about your own experience studying at NUS. What are some of the things you enjoy about studying at the University?
William: During my time at NUS, I have met and made valuable friendships that motivate and spur me on whenever I face difficult struggles. I also love that NUS gives students opportunities to explore beyond our academic studies such as through Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs). I myself am a part of a few CCAs such as NUS Amplifies, NUS Climbing, and my faculty’s Student Society. These are avenues that enabled me to grow beyond the classroom setting and where I was able to meet like-minded individuals who share similar passions.

Why do you feel it is important to support other students or members of the NUS community?
William: We were all given a little help once, so I believe that it is only right that we pay it forward and give back to the next generation.

Apart from the competition, are there other ways in which you hope to be involved in Commencement Class Giving?
Shi-An: I will definitely be making my contribution when my time comes to graduate!