NUS Giving Report 2019/2020 - Seeds of Change

Giving Report 2019-2020

The National University of Singapore (NUS) Giving Report 2019/2020 features stories of our donors’ generous support and the difference they have made to the NUS community and beyond. 2020 has been a year marked by unprecedented uncertainty yet the stories in the Report showcase an extraordinary outpouring of generosity that is united by a desire to empower generations, promote knowledge creation and encourage innovation.

The support from our donors and partners has enabled NUS to delve into deep technology, boost discoveries for healthy longevity, and inspire dreams through supporting financially challenged students in their education at the University. Our students, researchers and staff are also able to grow their potential, thrive at their endeavours and make discerning contributions in various fields with far-reaching impact.

Thank you to all our donors and supporters for being the seeds of change.


Mr Assaf Cohen, Chief Executive Officer of Anqlave Pte Ltd

Delving into Deep Technology 

To continue the support of research into deep-technology, Anqlave Pte Ltd has partnered NUS in Trusted Computing, as a research project that will improve the way data is being processed to improve data security and data privacy. 

"At Anqlave we believe that academic research is one of the keys to innovation and digital transformation. We hope that by supporting Trusted Computing labs, we will see a progress in this area that will change the way we process data today," shared Mr Assaf Cohen, the Chief Executive Officer of Anqlave Pte Ltd.

Dr Low Lee Yong with his wife, Mrs Low

Dr Low Lee Yong with his wife, Mrs Low.

Inspiring Dreams

Dr Low Lee Yong is a doctor turned health technology entrepreneur, as well as an author of two inspirational books. He hopes that the MHC Asia Group - Meek & Lowly’s Bursary will not only help medical students fulfil their dreams, but also inspire many others to do the same and make a difference.

"I grew up in a kampong with a strong ambition to become a doctor. I had to give tuition, work part-time and borrow money from my church to complete my medical studies. I don’t want other medical students who are struggling financially to face the same plight," shared Dr Low Lee Yong, Chairman and Founder of MHC Asia Group of companies.

Grooming the Best Innovators

A researcher at work

Grooming the Best Innovators

Mr Tan Keng Soon’s family philanthropic organisation, the Tan Ean Kiam Foundation, set up the Tan Ean Kiam Medical Innovation Award for the NUS Medical Grand Challenge where student participants address unmet healthcare challenges through developing creative and innovative solutions.

"The reason for donating? For the good of my country. I want Singapore to climb up the rungs of the technology ladder. We want to be innovators, not just recipients of new technologies invented by others. To retain our brightest minds, we must become an innovation hub, where our young talents have an opportunity to work with cutting-edge technology," said Mr Tan Keng Soon, Chairman of the Tan Ean Kiam Foundation.


Ms Anthonia Hui with husband Mr Leonardo Drago,
her mother-in-law and late father-in-law (seated left).

Boosting Discoveries for Healthy Longevity

Ms Anthonia Hui and her husband, Mr Leonardo Drago, became deeply interested in the field of healthy longevity when her father-in-law fell ill. While he was intellectually brilliant before, the illness quickly ravaged his mental capacity and his health deteriorated rapidly. Devastated by this, the couple started looking into ways where they can support research into this field. With the generous gift, they hope to boost exploration and discovery on extending the healthy ageing of human life span, maintaining independence and active function later in life.

"It’s easy to just give financial help, but we really want to make this project a reality. We’re of the right age and health status, so we volunteered as participants for the study. The research findings will help us to understand how to age well and ultimately, reduce the emotional and financial burden on patients and their families, the population and the healthcare system," said Ms Anthonia Hui, the Chief Executive Officer of AL Wealth Partners.

Professor Ho Teck Hua (’85)

Professor Ho Teck Hua,
NUS Senior Deputy President and Provost
Tan Chin Tuan Centennial Professor

Building a Sustainable Future

As the current NUS Provost, Professor Ho established the Provost’s Bursary and the Work Study Programme at the Halls of Residence and Residential Colleges. Both funds set the stage for future provosts of the University to give back and build a sustainable future for NUS.

"As Provost and an alumnus, I am confident in our goal to nurture talented men and women who will go on to become pillars of strength for Singapore in the decades to come. We must do everything possible to ensure that an NUS education is always affordable so that future generations of students will continue to have access to the transformative experience we offer," said Professor Ho Teck Hua, NUS Senior Deputy President and Provost, and the Tan Chin Tuan Centennial Professor.

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