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Passion Beyond Profession

NUS takes pride in the generosity of its faculty and staff. As an NUS faculty and staff member, you are the University’s passionate advocate. You give your time and talent, and when you add philanthropy to your efforts, you express your belief in the University’s mission and future.

Make a personal gift to NUS through the Annual Giving programme as an affirmation of your commitment to our community. With your philanthropic support, NUS will be able to continue to offer rewarding opportunities to our students, attract talent to nurture them and deliver research outcomes with positive societal impact.

Why Your Gift Matters

Faculty and Staff Giving sends an important message to NUS alumni and partners. The community is made up of dedicated faculty and staff that not only devote their time to providing a positive learning environment on campus, but also give back as donors. Your authentic endorsement serves as a powerful motivator for alumni and partners to invest in NUS too.

Watch How Your Gift Can Transform Lives

As he celebrates A Special Day, NUS alumnus, Mr Eric San - B.Eng (Computer Engineering), remembers the people who have made it possible for him to believe in a better tomorrow.

Starting With Us

As a testament to the solidarity of the NUS community, staff and faculty members of the University continue to open doors of opportunities for future generations of NUS students.

"We are grateful to NUS for giving us amazing colleagues and friends. The Annual Giving Scholarships give us a chance to say thank you. In addition, nothing is more rewarding than seeing a young adult growing through his or her study. That is why we want to do this for NUS students."

Professor Chen Tsuhan
and wife Ms Chen Shufen

Deputy President - Research and Technology

Distinguished Professor

All of us have a responsibility to give back in whatever ways we can to cultivate a strong culture of giving and a virtuous cycle for the betterment of our communities in the future.

Dr Janson Yap

Chief People Officer

As a scholarship recipient throughout my academic life, I appreciate first-hand the difference financial aid makes. In my time at NUS FASS and in previous global roles, especially in developing economies, I have witnessed how access to education sparks a change that can impact generations. My family and I strongly believe that generosity of time, knowledge, and volunteerism – no matter how modest – can change lives. Even if just one life is transformed, it is well worth it.

Mr Nisar Keshvani

Associate Director - Strategic Communications

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

College of Humanities & Sciences

I believe education is the bedrock of any society. It enables individuals to dream, experience and go beyond their limits. Having been a part of the NUS community for more than 20 years, I contribute to do my part towards making learning opportunities accessible for all students so that they may turn their dreams into reality.

Mdm Lim Kee Wah

Senior Manager, Finance and Accounts Office

Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health

We believe in giving back to the Faculty as it has played a major role in our lives. As undergraduates, we benefitted from high training standards that laid a strong foundation for our careers. Now as staff members, we enjoy opportunities to develop ourselves both professionally and as individuals. Contributing to the Faculty’s development fund is our way of giving back, and we wish to show our trust in the Faculty to continue in its mission to train dentists of high quality for our nation.

Dr Mok Yuen Yue Betty (’81)
Dr Mok Yuen Pun Clara (’83)

Senior Lecturers

Faculty of Dentistry

My experience in NUS since my student years has shaped me into who I am today. Giving back to my alma mater is the most natural thing to do and I hope other alumni and staff will do the same.

Mr Tan Kian Woo ('88)

Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Uplifting those in our community who need financial help is key to advancing the University into the digital future. After all, even the best technology is nothing without people. Congruent to this belief, NUS IT has also done our part through the inaugural 'Do your bIT for charITy' event, further strengthening our commitment to the NUS community.

Ms. Tan Shui-Min ('91)

Chief Information Technology Officer


Give through Faculty & Staff Giving

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