Impact at a Glance


Knowledge is power. Education is the single most effective and sustainable tool for making a real difference whether it is reducing poverty, enabling upward social mobility, or helping communities improve their standard of living.

Imagine if you could simultaneously enable upward socio-economic mobility, reduce poverty and boost the economy, and create greater access to opportunity – and do it all with one effort. You can when you support bursaries at NUS.


Supporting Tomorrow’s Leaders

A university education should not be a privilege limited to the brightest students from comfortable backgrounds, but should be available to young people from all walks of life. At the National University of Singapore (NUS), we want to ensure that ability, not the ability to pay, determines access to the life-changing opportunities within our campus.To make this possible, NUS needs philanthropic support for bursaries to ensure a world-class University education at NUS is within reach of financially disadvantaged students.


Rewarding Ability and Aptitude Through Bursaries

When you give to bursaries, your gift has far-reaching impact on improving the lives of these students and their families, many of whom are from Singapore’s lowest per capita income (PCI) households. A university education offers students from financially disadvantaged families the opportunity to not only fulfil their potential but also improve their financial standing and that of their families.

NUS is committed to a needs-blind, merit-based admissions policy. Any student still requiring financial assistance, even after receiving both government and NUS study loans, can apply for a student bursary.A gift toward bursaries at NUS can help financially disadvantaged students in many impactful ways:

– It can help students pay for a world-class university education.

– It can enable students to take on a smaller student loan and thereby decrease their debt burden upon graduation. With smaller loans to pay off, they are in a position to immediately improve the financial situation of their families as well.

– It can allow students to benefit fully from the university experience, such as living in NUS’ residential colleges.

– It can enable students to participate in NUS’ many overseas educational programmes.

To find out more about named bursaries at the University, please click on the link below to review the list of named awards, as published in Changing Lives: Named Financial Aid.




Scholarships are money well spent— it is a long-term investment in the future of our community, our region, and beyond.

More than students simply choosing a path for economic reasons, NUS actively partners with generous donors like you to engage and empower the brightest students to pursue great work that truly motivates them and creates tremendous impact on our communities and industries.

When you partner with us as Asia’s top university, you directly have a hand in leading the way to ensure that Asia’s best and brightest minds have clear-cut opportunities for a world-class university education and the benefits that follow.

It is well worth it. 

Opening Doors to Opportunities

Students should learn from each other as well as in the classroom. By bringing together the most talented students, a university community encourages different insights, perspectives and questions.

The National University of Singapore (NUS) aims to attract the brightest students, expose them to life-changing opportunities and allow them to enjoy the unique benefits of an NUS education.

We also want to ensure that we are the university of choice for the best Singaporean students, so that they direct their abilities towards the growth of our nation.

To help the most talented students become tomorrow’s leaders, NUS needs philanthropic support for scholarships. 

Attracting the Best With Scholarships

A scholarship, which rewards academic achievements and all-rounded excellence, helps NUS attract the most talented students to our University.  It assists these young people in making the decision to choose NUS over the chance to study at another institution in Singapore or overseas.  In the long term, a scholarship also helps root these young people, the future leaders of tomorrow, in Singapore so that they can contribute to our society. 

Support Outstanding Singapore Students

NUS offers NUS Scholarships* for outstanding Singapore citizens who demonstrate academic excellence, high intellectual capacity, sound character, strong leadership potential and a passion for creativity and innovation.

NUS Scholars, who are awarded the Scholarships for the duration of their undergraduate studies, are expected to contribute significantly to the NUS community and to emerge as dynamic global leaders capable of effecting a positive change on society.

To attract the most talented Singaporean students to NUS, we are commited to increasing the number of NUS Scholarships. To help us achieve this goal, NUS is inviting philanthropic support for NUS Scholarships. NUS has also committed to supplementing all gifts to NUS Scholarships*. In addition, eligible gifts will attract the prevailing matching grants from the Singapore government.

*NUS Scholarships are awarded at both University-wide and Faculty-wide levels and include the NUS Global Merit Scholarship, NUS Undergraduate (Merit) Scholarship, NUS Undergraduate Scholarship, Kent Ridge Undergraduate (Merit) Scholarship and Kent Ridge Undergraduate Scholarship. 

Make a Difference

A gift toward scholarships helps in many ways:

– It can provide educational opportunities, both local and overseas, that develop students and transform them into more rounded individuals.

– It can help attract and retain the best Singaporean students to pursue their undergraduate studies at NUS.

– It helps create a better educated workforce. Graduates give back to the community through their career choices, donations and volunteer efforts. We all benefit when young people are given the opportunity to succeed.

To find out more about named scholarships at the University, please click on the link below to review the list of named awards, as published in 

Recognising Excellence: Named Scholarships.



Student Exchange Programmes

Student Exchange Programmes

Your gift will give our students the opportunity to study both here and abroad, and help prepare them for success in tomorrow’s globalised world

To find out more about named student exchange awards at the University, please click on the link below to review the list of named awards, as published in Changing Lives: Named Financial Aid.


University Town

University Town

Preparing Students for Tomorrow’s World

Tomorrow’s world will bring challenges and dilemmas, both foreseen and unforeseen, that will require agile, dynamic leadership and a global vision.

As the world changes, so should the nature of our education system. To navigate and thrive in our increasingly complex world, our students, tomorrow’s thought-leaders and change-makers, need to be critical-thinkers, problem-solvers, skilled communicators, entrepreneurial and creative.

NUS’ new University Town (UTown) initiative lies at the heart of the University’s endeavour to equip our students with these key 21st century skills.

NUS is seeking philanthropic support to allow us to offer an education at UTown that goes beyond the government-supported model.

Living and Learning

UTown, a residential college programme, the first of its kind in Singapore, blurs the traditional divisions between living and learning, between academic and non-academic pursuits. The UTown campus is home to undergraduates, postgraduates, researchers and staff, arts and sporting facilities, food and beverage outlets, with plenty of space for informal learning.

The small classes – 15 students to a class – are designed for dialogue, and thanks to the residential colleges, the conversations continue long after the classes have ended. The UTown residents – both staff and students – are drawn from a variety of disciplines and from more than 40 nationalities, which makes for multi-faceted discussions, whatever the topic. Living alongside professors and researchers, students are immersed 24/7 in an intellectually vibrant, multi-cultural milieu where the spirit of debate and enquiry rule. This unique experience will engender a strong sense of community and create a life-long bond between students and the alma mater.

Learning In and Out of the Classroom

UTown offers a host of formal and informal learning opportunities.

The University Town College Programme, which is offered at Tembusu College and the College of Alice & Peter Tan, comprises Junior and Senior Seminars. The Junior Seminar takes a cross-disciplinary look at a variety of topics, such as Humanising Technology or Culture and Cognition, while the Senior Seminar focuses on significant global issues from Singapore and Asian perspectives.

The University Scholars Programme, housed at UTown, offers seminar-style modules to develop interdisciplinary thinking. All the modules at UTown are aligned to the University’s requirements for graduation.

New Experience for a New Generation

UTown is pioneering the Programme to Advance Critical Thinking and Writing, which is premised on the assumption that effective communication, which is a vital skill in our globalised economy, stems from the ability to think clearly and critically. Students are trained to discuss and analyse information from an interdisciplinary perspective and to put forward evidence-based arguments to support their analysis.

Through the Chua Thian Poh Community Leadership Programme and the Capstone Experience, students are given opportunities to apply academic discipline in addressing real-world issues and challenges. The collaborations and engagements with the social service organisations and communities are critical in developing future leaders who are intellectually engaged in social and community issues; and are passionate about addressing these concerns.

Additionally, small groups of students interact with captains of industry, scientists, writers, ambassadors and policy makers at the Master’s Tea sessions; and debate current and often contentious issues with seasoned academics and diplomats at the Tembusu Forum.

Through such experiences, we hope to nurture graduates with the intellectual ability and passion to contribute to society and make a difference to tomorrow’s world.

Yale-NUS College

Yale-NUS College


Shaping Leaders Past and Future

What do 18 Nobel Laureates, five US Presidents, five Singapore Presidents and Prime Ministers, Pulitzer Prize and Academy Award winners, scores of CEOs and entrepreneurs have in common? Yale University and NUS have for generations been educating leaders who have shaped history.

Now, these two great universities on opposite sides of the globe have come together to answer this question: What must a young person learn in order to lead a responsible life in the 21st century? The result is Yale-NUS College (Yale-NUS), a new model of education that is both rooted in centuries of the best liberal arts and science traditions and profoundly forward-looking.

A Yale-NUS education is an education reimagined for this century. By combining the best of US liberal arts education from Yale with NUS’ distinctive Asian and global strengths, the College creates a unique cross-cultural and societal experience for our students, bearing in mind its relevance to our society at large.

Why Liberal Arts in Singapore

Yale-NUS redefines liberal arts and science education for a complex, interconnected world, encouraging interdisciplinary exploration across humanities, natural sciences and social sciences taught by some of the brightest minds around the world.

Yale-NUS reinforces Singapore’s position globally as a hub of educational excellence by attracting top-potential students from the region and around the world, at a time when competition for such talent is becoming increasingly intense.

The rich residential and student experience at Yale-NUS will help root these talented individuals in our city-state. Graduates of the College will be able to contribute substantially to the advancement of Singapore and beyond. By nurturing students who will take up leadership positions regionally and globally, we will strengthen our relationships and networks.

The College will enable NUS to build on its historical strengths in the professional disciplines and play a leadership role in shaping liberal arts education in the region.

A Unique Curriculum

The mastery of a single body of knowledge is no longer enough for leaders in our rapidly changing world. The ability to think across domains of knowledge, to make connections across different ideas, and to draw perspectives from multiple cultures will become more and more pertinent.

At Yale-NUS, students will gain deep knowledge of one discipline through their majors, but will also get a broad grounding in subjects that are key to understanding our world and making a difference in whatever career they choose. A Yale-NUS education integrates the sciences, humanities, social science, and the major, and is designed to ensure that students flourish quickly in virtually any field.

At the heart of an education at Yale-NUS is a powerful intellectual experience that all students share, known as the Common Curriculum. Developed from scratch by dedicated faculty members recruited by the College, this linked set of courses aims to create a community of learning centred on the most fundamental questions in the liberal arts and science, and provides intellectual coherence to the learning experience. Small class sizes are also a key feature of the College, with a faculty to student ratio of 1:10.

When the College’s campus within NUS University Town is ready in 2015, it will have three residential colleges, with just over 300 students per college. Each residential college will have its own dining hall, a student-managed snack bar, common rooms, live-in professors and seminar spaces. These are not merely dormitories, but intimate communities within the larger Yale-NUS one that will amplify the formal learning in the seminar rooms or the labs with equally important learning that takes place in the dining halls, in a study session or in a club meeting. The new Campus will also feature Learning Commons, a gym, a blackbox theatre, a Convocation Hall, and state-of-the-art laboratories and art studios.

Beyond the Classroom

A key feature of the Yale-NUS education will be to ensure that students have access to a global portfolio of opportunities that will enhance their curricular learning and transform their perspectives. These co-curricular programmes will enhance social interaction, leadership, healthy recreation, self-discipline and self-confidence.

Every Yale-NUS student will have the opportunity to intern at world-class organisations such as American Express, Chanel, Google, Keppel Corporation, Singapore Airlines, the United Nations and the World Wildlife Fund. With Asia as the springboard, the world will be our students’ campus.

By offering students access to inspiring experiences, ideas and people, the College aims to help them to define their choices and develop their character to shape society in the future. Resolving conflicts, knowing when to lead, when and how to follow, collaborating and living with those who have talents other than one’s own will all help students to see the world in new ways. These are some of the lessons gained from synergies between living and learning. Synergies which are synonymous with a liberal arts education.