Benefits of Giving

As a donor to NUS, you can enjoy tax benefits, have your gift matched by the Singapore government and receive naming opportunities.

Tax Benefits

If you are a Singapore tax resident, your gift to NUS made during that tax year (e.g. 1 January to 31 December 2022) is eligible for a tax deduction that is 2.5 times the gift value.

When the tax deduction for the donation is more than your taxable income (for both individuals and companies) for the year, the donor is allowed to carry forward the unutilised deductions for a maximum of 5 years.

For example, a donation made in 2011, and allowed for deduction in YA 2012, will be allowed to be carried forward (if tax deduction for the donation exceeds the income for 2011) up to YA 2017.

Donors (companies) must satisfy the shareholding test as defined in the Income Tax Act of Singapore.

Naming Opportunities

To recognise the generosity of our donors, NUS offers naming opportunities. You can make a gift to honour individuals such as mentors or loved ones, or corporations or foundations.


Your contribution may be acknowledged by the NUS community through our internal publications and website.

I want to give back to society what society has given to me. I am hoping my Bursary will benefit someone who will in turn contribute back to society so this philosophy of giving will grow.

– Dr George S. C. Wong, who set up the George S. C. Wong Bursary