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By Chris Courtney

A construction boom is underway in the mountains of western Hubei. The mountainous forests of Shennongjia 神农架 are one of the least developed regions of China...

Escaping the Heat of the City in China

By Fiona Williamson

The possibility of fire in historic urban Singapore was an ever-present threat. With many houses built from natural materials...

Fire and the Problem of Urban Heat

By Ashawari Chaudhuri

Heat is a single word, but its experiences are multiple. As a standalone category, it is difficult to measure heat because it is often experienced with other conditions like humidity...

Heat as Experience: Snapshots from Indian Cities

By Caitlin Fernandez

Before high-rise HDB flats, Singapore’s housing landscape was dominated by rural and urban kampongs...

Post-WWII Fire Hazards in Singapore's Kampongs