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By Fiona Williamson

Singapore adopted air-conditioning in the 1930s. The first supplier was the ‘Carrier Air Conditioning Company of America’ who had moved into supplying Asian markets in 1930...

Introduction of Air Conditioning into Singapore

By Gregory Clancey

We tend to believe that people are always eager consumers of technologies that aid their physical comfort, such as alleviating heat...

Rejecting a Fan in Singapore?

By Ashawari Chaudhuri

Material objects are rarely end in themselves. They are reflections of how we live, and how we imagine and work with our environment. When it comes to managing heat...

Terracotta as Technology: Then and Now

By Fiona Williamson

The Cold Storage Company Ltd was established in 1903, with the first supermarket opening in 1905 on Orchard Road...

The Cold Storage Company Ltd