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These are some of the factors we consider when assessing the feasibility of Digital Scholarship Project collaborations:

Project description

Investigator(s) name(s) 

Project sponsor(s)

Project/Research name

Brief description of your project; including the parties involved, goals for the project, status of the project and type of support required 

What are the research and/or teaching goals of the project? 

Does the project make use of NUS Libraries' collections? 

Does the project enrich NUS Libraries' collection or bring good collection value?  

Does this project make the collection accessible to the wider community? 

Can the content of the project be further used for visualisation and analysis? 

Who is the audience for this project?  


What is the anticipated timeframe for the project?  

Funding and Manpower 

Does the project have funding? 

If yes, what are the funding sources and for how long?  

Do you have manpower such as an RA with whom we can work on this project? 

Infrastructure and Design 

Is the project designed with NUS branding guidelines? 

What is the proposed software for this project? 

What is the underlying infrastructure for the project (for e.g., WordPress, etc)? 

Does your project have any integration with external services? 

Do you have a readme file with technical details and instructions to manage potential updates or issues? 


Is the content of your website static or will it require updates (for e.g., new content will be added in the future, etc)?  

If content requires updating, who will do the updating?  

Will project data be reusable by others?  

What kind of digital assets are used? 

Access and discovery 

Is metadata available?  

How will the project be preserved or archived? 


Do you have copyright/permissions of materials used in the project? 

What kind of copyright or licensing will be used for the project? 



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