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Train to Bishan (10-31 Oct 2022) How to Participate How to Participate

Doors are closing.


This is a team-based game where you can have fun with your friends solving the puzzles while experiencing immersive technology. Come and explore interesting gadgets and spaces in Tech Central!

Sypnosis: You and your friends are rushing to catch the last train at Bishan to get back home after a house party. Everyone makes it onboard just as the last beep sounds and the train doors close. The air conditioning in the carriage feels especially cold tonight. Everything seems fine as you board the train. However, soon you realise the carriage was completely empty. The lights briefly flicker.

The announcement goes “Next station, Bishan”...


Here's the secret: be fast. The team with the shortest completion time shall claim the victory.

Current NUS students and staff. The event is not open to alumni, NUS High and NUS Libraries staff.

If the event shows the label "1 seat left", it means it is available.

This implies that your slot is not confirmed. It will only be confirmed if the group before you decides to cancel.

You have 2 choices:

1) Find an alternative slot that is available, i.e. slot marked with '1 seat left' (highly recommended to avoid disappointment)

2) Wait it out hoping the group before you cancels

- Note:

1) Should the group before you cancel and you are next on the list, the system will automatically confirm your slot. When this happens, you will be notified via a system-generated email.

2) Last-minute cancellations from the confirmed groups may be expected (though not encouraged). Keep a constant lookout for email notifications when the session date is drawing near (even on the day itself).

Approximately 1 hour. However, be prepared that the entire session could take up to 1.5 hours (including pre-game and post-game briefings).

Tech Central at Central Library Level 4. Not sure where it is? Check this out. The meeting point will be communicated to registered teams.

Please come 10 minutes before the session time stated at the registration page. We reserve the right not to admit late comers to avoid conflicts with other events.

A team of librarians at NUS Libraries who love to explore new stuff and make a difference to the NUS community!

For further enquiries, please email us at telimaginarium@nus.edu.sg or reach us on Telegram (@telimagine).

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are the products of the team’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblances to actual events, persons, living or dead, are purely coincidental.

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