Opportunity Enhancement Grant

The Opportunity Enhancement Grant (OEG) provides additional support to needy Singaporean undergraduate students by enabling access to a more well-rounded and richer university experience that includes on-campus stay and overseas exposure programmes. 

The Opportunity Enhancement Grant provides S$10,000 over 4 years to top up existing financial aid schemes for on-campus accommodation (applicable for both room charges and meal plans) and selected* overseas exposure programmes (e.g. Student Exchange Programme).                                                                                           *To be advised later

Needy full-time Singaporean undergraduate students whose monthly per capita household income (PCI) is not more than S$690 in any of the semesters during their candidature.

Undergraduates who are pursuing the Concurrent Degree Programmes will not be eligible for the grant once they are charged graduate tuition fees.

Recipients of the Opportunity Enhancement Grant are required to register the purpose of the grant usage, for the semester(s) that they are staying on campus or participating in selected* overseas exposure programmes.

The grant is claimable only from the semester it is awarded. No retrospective claims are allowed, i.e. recipients can not use the grant for payment of on-campus accommodation or selected* overseas exposure programmes participated in semesters prior to when the grant is awarded. If the OEG grant is not fully utilised during their candidature, it will lapse upon graduation or when the recipient pursuing a Concurrent Degree Programme is charged graduate tuition fees.

There is no restriction on the amount a recipient can utilise from the Opportunity Enhancement Grant each semester as long as the total amount used over 4 years does not exceed S$10,000.       

Recipients are allowed to concurrently hold the Opportunity Enhancement Grant with all University-administered scholarship/bursary/grant/free aid.
                                                                                                                                                           *To be advised later

To be considered for the Opportunity Enhancement Grant, you are required to apply for Financial Aid here.

Upon the successful acceptance of the grant and the registration for the purpose of the Opportunity Enhancement Grant during the semester of campus stay or selected* overseas programmes participation, the funds will be credited to the recipient's account by the Office of Finance. As the grant is a top-up to existing financial aid available for on-campus stay and selected* overseas exposure programmes, grant amounts to be disbursed every semester will be determined by the University according to the following disbursement policy:

  • All bursaries/scholarships/grants/free aid meant for on-campus accommodation will be first used to offset the hostel fees before the Opportunity Enhancement Grant will be disbursed to cover the remaining fees.
  • For selected* overseas exposure programmes, the Opportunity Enhancement Grant will be disbursed after deducting all bursaries/scholarships/grants/free aid meant for the overseas programme from the estimated expenses amount as determined by the University.
  • If recipients are awarded any bursaries/scholarships/grants/free aid after the disbursement of the grant, the grant amount will be adjusted accordingly. 
Details on the registration for the purpose of the grant will be sent to your NUS email account in late July/early August if you have been offered and accepted the grant. 

*To be advised later