Mendaki Tertiary Fee Subsidy (TTFS)


Undergraduates with a monthly household per capita income (PCI) not exceeding $2,000 will enjoy:

  1. 100% subsidy of tuition fees if PCI is $1,400 and below;
  2. 75% subsidy of tuition fees if PCI is between $1,401 and $1,700; and
  3. 50% subsidy of tuition fees if PCI is between $1,701 and $2,000.

Who is eligible?

Only undergraduates who satisfy all the conditions below are eligible for the subsidy:

  1. You are a Singapore Citizen or a bona fide resident of Singapore and one parent (including adoptive parent and step parent), living or deceased, is a Singapore Citizen;
  2. Your race or the first component of the double-barrelled race as stated in your NRIC is MALAY (which includes Boyanese, Javanese, Banjarese, Bugis and Indonesian Extract);
  3. Your monthly household per capital income does not exceed $2,000;
  4. You are receiving the MOE Tuition Grant; and
  5. You are pursuing your first degree on full-time basis.


Application period for new students matriculating in the following semesters are shown in the table below. Applicants are required to submit an online application at the Yayasan MENDAKI website here

Please note that new students are to apply for the scheme only after they have accepted the offer of admission, while current students can apply only in Semester 1.


Application for                    Application Period
Semester 1
1 June - 30 July
Late applications are still accepted.
Semester 2 21 November - 15 December
Special Term 1* 1 - 15 April
Special Term 2*
15 - 31 May

*Only applicable for Returning Full-Time National Servicemen (RNS) reading Special Term.

Yayasan MENDAKI will release the application results to applicants by:

Application for Results release
Semester 1
Early September
Semester 2 End January
Special Term 1 End May
Special Term 2
Early July

Unsuccessful applicants may wish to apply for other available financial assistance schemes administered by Yayasan MENDAKI.