Office of Risk Management and Compliance

Strengthening Governance, Risk & Compliance

Our Vision

To be a trusted business and governance partner in the sustainable creation, optimization and protection of the university’s overall enterprise value through a best-in-class risk and governance system.

Our Mission

Instill and embed a proactive risk culture within the university that is complemented by:

  • a comprehensive and robust risk management and governance framework;
  • a structured methodology and approach in anticipating, identifying and assessing and prioritizing, treating, monitoring and responding to the portfolio of risks across the organization.

This is further underpinned by robust risk governance, effective policies and processes in enabling effective execution and implementation.

NUS Overarching Risk Appetite Statement

Risk recognition and management is a dynamic process and the University may identify and prioritise different strategic and operational risks over time. In ascertaining acceptable risk tolerance levels for identified risks, the University’s overarching approach is a responsible one - it will consider and balance the nature and impact of the risk with the potential or expected benefits, and ensure that the result is aligned with the University’s core values and the achievement of the University’s vision and mission. It is essential for the University to maintain consistent adherence to the acceptable risk tolerance levels considered and agreed to by the Board of Trustees and Senior Management.

The risk appetite for key strategic and operational risks and approaches to dealing with such risks are detailed in separate statements which will be referred to and acted upon by the University’s Management.


ORMC Org Chart (as of 7 Mar 2022) v2.1