The Compliance Unit of NUS Office of Risk Management and Compliance is committed to ensuring that all activities in NUS are conducted legally, ethically and with high standards of integrity. In achieving this, a practical yet effective enterprise-wide compliance framework is thus “mission-critical” in setting out a systematic and structured approach, through activities such as mandatory policies awareness training in many areas, including Conflict of Interest and Personal Data Protection. This framework complements other policies (e.g. Code of Conduct) and governs our interactions with stakeholders (e.g. vendors and any other persons engaged by the University).

Our Units

Conflict of Interest (COI)

A Conflict of Interest refers to a situation in which an individual’s personal, professional and financial considerations could affect an individual’s judgement and performance in exercising duty or responsibility to the University.

The COI unit of ORMC facilitates the resolution of matters arising from Conflicts of Interest.

Personal Data Protection (PDP)

The University respects the privacy of individuals and recognises the importance of the personal data that is entrusted to the organisation.

The Personal Data Protection Unit, supported by PDPA Point of Contacts and Delegates from other NUS units ensures that personal data is properly managed, protected and processed.


Whistleblowing unit is intended to provide a channel for the efficient reporting of actual or suspected wrong-doings committed by any University staff, contract staff and contractors for investigation and corrective action

It also ensures that the Whistleblower will be protected from reprisals for whistleblowing in good faith.