NUS is embarking to create a centralised process for Whistleblowing Unit (WBU) to direct cases/ incidents (e.g. feedbacks, complaints and allegations of misconduct) to the right office/people for follow up on actions with timelines. 

Triage Call Centre (TCC)

  • To outsource an external local reputable call centre

  • Filter and classify incoming phone calls and emails based on first complaint/feedback.

Centralised Incident Management System (CIMS)

  • Applying to NUS Staff Disciplinary Procedures and Sanctions (“SDP”)  to triage through a centralized software for SDP
  • Escalated Matters / Non-Escalated Matters



  • All whistleblowing cases and case progress are triaged and consolidated in a single digital platform
  • Cases are received, classified and escalated by external partners to reduce internal workload
  • Junk mail and calls are now managed and filtered by external partners to reduce internal workload
  • Management of "Many-Man's Land" or "No-Man's Land" reports

Whistleblowing Process Workflow


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