Phoenix Series

Launched to enhance overall risk awareness and enable the NUS community in being risk intelligent and risk informed, Phoenix is ORMC's flagship content series touching on contemporary and emerging risk issues.

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Around the World in 21

All my bags are packed, I am ready to go... or not? This episode covers travel in a COVID-19 environment in 2021 and what to be aware of as you plan your business travels (if any) for the year ahead.

episode 1: Around the World

Health As The New Asset Class

As we embark on a new journey in 2021, volatility and uncertainty remain and therefore, one of the critical attributes is to stay resilient. We have learnt from SARS, various epidemics and now global pandemic of COVID-10 that health is more significant than wealth.

episode 2: Health as the new asset class

Economic Outlook, New & Old Money

The dust of the past Trump Administration settles and a New World Order begins under President Biden. Is the once-upon-a-time aggressive trade war between US and China heading towards a positive trend and hence benefitting world trade? What is the economic outlook post COVID-19, one year on, with the Vaccine now in play? Are there broader spectrums of successes beyond tech and logistics sectors?  


COVID-19: Response Against Resurgence

As several countries see a devastating resurgence in COVID-19 cases, how well is Singapore coping with the impacts of coronavirus? Are vaccines still effective against new strains? Join our webinar to hear from our esteemed speaker. 

Read our analysis on how national vaccination programmes have impacted COVID-19 case rates across 8 countries.

ep 4

Privacy and Data Protection in Education – Are We Losing Our Identity?

As we venture into the Fourth Industrial Revolution and a digitalised world, data security and privacy are becoming hot-button topics. In our upcoming webinar, we will bring you on a virtual visit to the NUS Baba House and discuss topics on data privacy and ethics such as: What are the safeguards and controls in data privacy? What has ethics got to do with data protection? Do youth really care about privacy and data protection?


Demystifying Cryptocurrency

Heard of terms such as blockchain, DeFi and crypto but never fully understood them? How does cryptocurrency matter to you as a retail investor? Are you a business owner and wonder how blockchain technology and cryptocurrency can affect you? Catch our webinar and hear what some of our industry leaders in Cryptocurrency have to say!


A New Paradigm to Face the Sustainability Challenge


Looking into Industry 5.0 Kaleidoscope

Discover how advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR) are transforming the industry. Hear from expert speakers and panellists as they share about the various risks, opportunities and challenges associated with Industry 5.0.

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