Travel in the new normal (2)

At a Glance

The University is committed to the safety, health and wellbeing of its community while encouraging the pursuit of global opportunities and experiences. NUS has engaged International SOS to provide quality medical and security assistance services worldwide for our NUS Travellers.

Important Details

  • International SOS Assistance Centre* (24/7): Call the nearest centre through International SOS Assistance Application or +65 6338 7800
  • International SOS Assistance Application (Mobile): Click here to download.
  • NUS Emergency Hotline* (24/7):  +65 6874 1616
  • International SOS Members Portal: Click here to view
For more information about this programme, visit ORMC Intranet page, The Staff Cheat Sheet and Student Cheat Sheet are also available on the Intranet, Do note VPN is required to access the Intranet.

* Calls will incur calling charges and possibly international calling charges. Recommended to use the Assistance App which directs the call to the nearest Assistance Centre, reducing the likelihood of an international call. Emergency phone charges may be claimable against respective Travel Insurance.

Benefits of International SOS Programme

  • 24/7 Assistance Centre with Call Agents to handle Emergency Services and Support 24/7 in any part of the world
  • Assistance Centre also provide assistance on non-emergency Medical, Security and Travel matters
  • Receive Medical and Security Alerts relevant to your itinerary locations by syncing your trip
  • Automated Crisis Communications to check-in on traveller during crisis event
  • On-demand Pre-trip briefing
  • Self-help travel resources
It is the responsibility of the Traveller to download the International SOS Assistance Application on their mobile and/or save the SG Assistance Centre number. The Assistance Centre's agents will advise the Traveller accordingly.

When to use International SOS while Overseas

  • Possibly Life-Threatening or Life-Threatening - including Accident, Severe Medical Complications, Lost or Missing, Crime Scene. 
  • Medical Related Matters - including Illness, Specialist Issues, Access to medical facilities.
  • Travel-related Issues - Loss of Travel Documents, Loss of Valuables and Money, Legal Advice Required
  • Mental Wellbeing - for Counselling
For Insurance matters, please refer to the relevant travel insurance policy.