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Student Assistant Work Scheme (NSWS)

The NUS Student Work Scheme (NSWS) aims to encourage NUS students to be self-reliant and to gain working experience in campus. There are various Work Study opportunities in NUS available to interested NUS Students. On-the-job training and guidance will be provided to equip NUS students with the necessary skills and knowledge.  

For more information on NSWS, visit NUS Centre for Future-ready Graduate (CFG) website. You can also contact CFG at 6516 1385 or email at

Current NSWS Positions in OSA

Position Duration  Recruitment Period Contact
OSA Student Ambassadors On ad-hoc basis   Cycle 1 - Semester 1
Cycle 2 - Semester 2  
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Aakaash Manikanth

"NUS helps international students like me adjust and feel at home by giving us opportunities to learn outside-of-the-classroom. This is one of the best things I can undergo during my university life!"

- Aakaash Manikanth

OSA Student Ambassador, AY20/21