Kent Ridge Enterprise

Kent Ridge Enterprise ("KRE") welcomes budding entrepreneurs and seeks to encourage the spirit of entrepreneurship amongst hall residents. KRE strives to promote a culture of problem-solving and innovation within the Hall via our annual $10,000 "SharKR Tank" Pitch Competition and we aim to provide the necessary know-how to help our members excel in their entrepreneurship journies.

Hall Annual Magazine

The Hall Annual Magazine serves as a yearly collection and archive of the events and happenings that have taken place in the past academic year in Kent Ridge Hall, along with everything else in between. The Hall Magazine is a product of a joint effort between Kent Ridge Hall’s media committees of KRaphics, Kent Ridge Hall Photo Committee and Reporters.

Environmental Committee

Kent Ridge's Environmental Committee serves as a platform for passionate individuals to advocate for the environment through meaningful projects. With the aim of instilling a sense of environmental awareness among residents, we have embarked on projects such as Composting and the Utilities Board Challenge. This academic year, we have embarked on an Eco Fair in collaboration with Sheares Hall.

Flag Committee

The Flag Committee is in charge of organizing the largest annual NUS wide fundraising event.

Freshmen Welcome Orientation Camp ("FWOC")

Freshmen Welcome Orientation Camp (FWOC) is an annual 3D2N camp organised by the FWOC Committee to welcome incoming freshmen and introduce them to the Kent Ridge Hall culture. The objective of the camp is to inculcate our Kent Ridgean values and traditions to the freshmen, in the most vibrant and engaging way. The FWOC Committee also organises Senior’s Camp and KRBFF Night.

External Events Committee

The External Events Committee is in charge of planning and executing various external events for the hall such as the annual KR Bash and the KR Dinner and Dance.

Hall Promotion Board

Hall Promotion Board serves to promote KR to the public, in particular, to incoming freshmen. We engage with these freshmen during NUS Open Day and organise our annual hall engagement camp - Camp Blue Blood. We are also in charge of the @KR_NUS Instagram account, which we use to inform KR residents of various upcoming hall events and showcase our vibrant hall life. We aim to present the idea that KR is a place where you'll find yourself a family, and a home away from home.

Heritage Committee

The Heritage Committee is in charge of planning the annual "KR Day" for Kent Ridge Hall. KR Day is akin to "National Day" for Kent Ridgeans and is a day for them to showcase their KR Pride. KR Day is a time of hilarious performances, games, welfare, and gratitute towards everyone who has played a part in making KR a place in which we call home.

Kent Ridge Volunteers

Kent Ridge Volunteers ("KRV") is a committee that plans and executes volunteering events in Kent Ridge Hall. We are in charge of reaching out to beneficiaries in Singapore and coming up with volunteering sessions that we think will be fun and enriching for both the beneficiary and our volunteers. KRV is also in charge of Friends of KRV ("FoKRV") where we employ the help of our fellow KR residents to come down for these events.

Examples of beneficiaries we have partnered with include our adopted hall beneficiary for 19/20 Youth Guidance Outreach Services ("YGOS"), Migrant Worker Centre ("MWC") and Asian Women’s Welfare Association ("AWWA"). KRV was awarded Student Life Awards 2018: Distinction for Community Service by NUS for our outstanding work in reaching out to communities in Singapore that we wish to help. We hope that through the events that we have planned out, our KR residents will continue with the spirit of volunteerism outside of hall and beyond their schooling life.


From drawing up posters to designing shirts, KRaphics provide our artistic support to other committees in KR. Understanding what other committees need is a key aspect of our work. From producing the beautiful illustrations used in the Hall Annual Magazine to designing the Kent Ridge 40th shirts, Kraphics puts in countless hours of blood, sweat and tears to ensure the quality of our work.

Photo Committee

The Photo Committee seeks to capture the experiences of every resident during the various events that occur across the hall.


Kent Ridge Hall Reporters ("KReporters") are a small team of passionate and enthusiastic writers that cover everything from events to the random daily happenings in hall, and everything in between. They are steadfastly dedicated to the craft of storytelling and have a discernible knack for unearthing incredible narratives in every nook, cranny and corner of Kent Ridge Hall, be it satirical or not. You can read their pieces at KRonicles, or in any edition of the Kent Ridge Hall Annual Magazine.

Safety Committee

The Kent Ridge Safety Committee was set up with its purpose intrinsic to its name. We ensure that safety remains uncompromised amidst the creation of fun and wild memories in KR. The Committee comprises of a group of certified first aiders who are well equipped to attend to any minor injuries of our residents.

Social Relations Unit

The Social Relation Unit takes charge of various major hall events aimed at bringing the hall closer together. The largest event would be the annual KR Night Cycling that promises a night of fun and great memories. Aside from the annual KR Night Cycling, we also help out with events such as Star2Burst, TGIO, and Command!

Sports Management Unit

Sports Management Unit ("SMU") plays a huge role in every residents’ KR experience. SMU kickstarts every academic year with a bang by organizing the annual Inter-Block Games, what better way to bond and build friendships than sports? We can be easily recognised from a distance by our loud signature “LET’S GO KR” cheer that is bound to send shivers to our opponents during the Inter-Hall Games. Ultimately, SMU strives to promote a healthy active living lifestyle to our fellow residents.

Technical Support Unit

The Technical Support Unit ("TSU") functions as the Audio Visual Team for Kent Ridge Hall. We are involved in all internal hall events to provide the best sound system, lighting and visual support. From Camp Blue Blood to Command, TSU hopes to ensure the seamless execution of all events, behind the scenes.

Video Production Team

The Kent Ridge Hall Video Production Team ("VPT") is a well established video group in NUS, with many members eventually becoming successful videographers. VPT welcomes individuals of all skills levels and introduces, mentors and provides them with the necessary skills to eventually become confident videographers who can produce their own media. VPT also provides an avenue for residents to produce their own original content. From short sketches to social experiments, VPT has long entertained the residents of KR with quality content. This year, be on the lookout for VPT's upcoming drama series titled "My KRazy Life". We promise that it'll top your typical Netflix series.

VPT Youtube Channel
Kent Ridge Hall Videos

Welfare Committee

Be it planning and distributing exam welfare packs to support our residents during the reading week, or blessing the fastest residents that get to the admin office on a random night, the Welfare Committee seeks to "welfare" every resident in KR.

Youth Expedition Programme

The Kent Ridge Youth Expedition Project Committee consists of caring and passionate members who wish to make a difference and do some good. The team executes 3 key phases over a year, namely, preparation, overseas project, and local project. In the midst of executing our projects, we forge strong bonds and grow together while serving a community.

Friends of KRV

Friends of KRV is a committee for residents who are passionate about helping the less fortunate and provides the help necessary for events organized by Kent Ridge Volunteers (KRV) to succeed.

Block Committees

The Block Committees manage the daily ins and outs of each block. The Block Committees plan and execute initiatives and events for residents of their block, fostering stronger bonds amongst blockmates and creating the fond memories that all Kent Ridgeans will remember for years to come.

Elections Committee

The Elections Committee is in charge of organizing the annual Junior Common Room Committee elections every year.

Sports Executives

The Sports Executives, together with the Sports Director, ensure that the annual Inter Hall Games are well planned and provides support for our various sports CCAs.

Finance Executives

The Finance Executives are in charge of budgeting for all the CCAs in the hall. Aside from budgeting, the Finance Executives also help process the various claims of every CCA.

IT and Automation Committee

The IT and Automation Committee are in charge of the various IT related platforms run by the hall, as well as ideate and implement new ideas for the hall.

JC Outreach Committee

The JC Outreach Committee spearheads the hall's various initiatives aimed at promoting KR to incoming freshmen from various JCs. An example of a recent event organized by the JC Outreach Committtee is the KR Dance Vibe 2019.

Merit Allocation Board

The Merit Allocation Board works closely with the hall to award deserving Kent Ridgeans who have contributed to the hall with various grants and awards.

Points Allocation Board

The Points Allocation Board works closely with the JCRC to ensure the fair allocation of points to our residents based on their contributions to the various CCAs.

RAG Committee

The RAG Committee plans and executes KR RAG over the summer holidays.


KR Acapella

Kent Ridge Acapella has always been at the forefront of the culture scene at Kent Ridge Hall and NUS. Over the years, we have performed at corporate events, citizenship ceremonies, shopping malls, just to name few. We are invited to sing carols across different venues in Singapore. Some notable clients whom we have had the honour of working with include Resorts World Sentosa (RWS), Milward Brown, Tiffany & Co., Raffles City Shopping Mall, and Parkroyal On Pickering Hotel. Most recently, we have been invited to perform at an A*STAR national day event, as well as at the NUS-ISS Gala Dinner and Dance held at RWS. Besides actively performing in various venues across Singapore, KR Acapella has been participating in numerous competitions at the university and national level. For instance, in 2014, KR Acapella participated in NUS Got Talent and succeeded in making it to the finals of the competition. In the same year, we contested in Vivo City’s Carolling Competition and clinched the second prize home. In 2015, KR Acapella competed in the Singapore A Capella Championships and won second place among strong and professional contenders from all across Singapore. In the following year, we decided to continue the legacy of contending in the championships and our team was awarded the Silver Award and was placed fourth in the open category.

In essence, we strive to make KR Acapella an avenue where talented singers take pride in themselves by producing music solely using their vocals. We are constantly stretching the skills of our members, not only in terms of their vocal techniques but also as charismatic performers. Ultimately, we aspire to deliver professionalism in every single one of our performances, as an evidence of our commitment to be at the forefront of the local acapella scene.

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KR Choir

Kent Ridge Hall Choir (also known as KR Choir) is a cozy group consisting of music-loving individuals. KR Choir prides itself on being a welcoming community where members are a mix of seasoned choristers and bathroom singers without formal experience. Choir members never hesitate to help out one another with their parts, making sure rehearsals are both enjoyable and productive. Their camaraderie and tireless commitment have allowed KR Choir to consistently put up quality performances for Kent Ridge Hall residents, such as Culture Night or Chinese New Year Dinner, to name a few. On top of that, KR Choir also performs at Amplitude, an annual NUS combined-hall event, and at multiple caroling events for the public (e.g. at Orchard Hotel, Jurong Point Shopping Mall and Raffles City Shopping Mall). KR Choir hopes to maintain its tradition of providing a relaxing environment for residents who love singing, so that our members may gain new experiences and forge lifelong friendships, while improving our performance standards to further contribute to Kent Ridge Hall’s vibrant culture scene.

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KR Dance

KR Dance is not just a culture group, it is a family of dancers that come together to share their passion and commitment for dance. Being strong in both the contemporary and hip hop genre, there are ample of performance opportunities but also avenues created for dancers to step up as choreographers, bringing their creative visions to life. KR Dance has been active in bringing forth quality performances both within and outside of KR, as well as participated in competitions and several showcases.

- Participated in The Royal Dance-Off 2015
- Performed in Advisers Alliance DND 2015
- Organised, choreographed and performed for KR Dance Production 2015
- Participated in the Cinderella movie gala premiere flash mob (2015). Liaised with MSIX Singapore
- Performed for SUNNUS 2016
- Organised, choreographed and performed for KR Dance Uncensored 2016
- Performed for the 2016 Shangri La Bridal Show

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KR Rockers

As the resident band of Kent Ridge Hall, KR Rockers stands at the forefront of the music scene at the National University of Singapore. Since its inception, the band prides itself on putting forth a high standard of musicianship and this never fails to attract the attention of everyday music listeners as well as seasoned veterans in the scene.

Covering multiple genres of music- from hard rock to blues, funk, and soul- the versatility and dynamism of the musicians in KR Rockers has ensured that no gig is ever a dull one. Our core principles dictate that the covers we play sound uniquely like us, yet still retain the soul that made the original so good.

This stems from the fact that the band functions as a collective of like-minded musicians who want to raise the standard of campus music and break into the national music scene. That said, Rockers also serves as a platform for budding musicians to shine and be exposed to a myriad of playing styles, as well as adapt and fit into different musical situations, promoting musical growth as well as fostering the forging of friendships.

With our stable of competent and talented musicians, KR Rockers will be a valuable addition to any event, bringing along an air of vivacity and our very own signature brand of music.

- Stardust 2012 (Semi-Finalist)
- Stardust 2011 (Finalist)
- Talent Quest Band Finals 2008 (Champion)
Past Performance Venues:
- Esplanade Waterfront
- Timbre @ The Substation
- The Coliseum, Hard Rock Hotel, Resorts World Sentosa
- Zouk Singapore

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KR Inspire

KR Inspire is a platform for budding and passionate musicians to share their appreciation of music. We write and record original music of all genres, as well as perform for audiences both in and out of hall. We believe that cultivating a positive and open-minded environment for all our members will help them to grow to realise their full potential.

- Most Progressed Culture Group (2014)
Our Songs:
- Aligned - Raina Sum
- Dreams - Michaela Mathews
- Sunset Memory - Terrestrea
- Daphne In White - Spacific Ocean
- Indecisive B*tch - Shariff Munshi and Ariel Tee

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KRemix is a DJ collective that aims to grow and nurture each of its members into passionate music purveyors capable of rocking the crowd behind the decks with banging EDM tunes and catchy pop songs; whatever the dancefloor wants, KRemix delivers.

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Table Tennis
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