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FWOC 19/20


Kent Ridge Hall had their very own Freshman Welcome Orientation Camp (FWOC), from the 1st of August to the 3rd of August. This year's FWOC camp "The Hunger Games: MocKRingjay" served as an introduction to the KR family, their blocks and fellow hall mates. Freshmen were exposed to the hall's heritage and traditions through a myraid of fun and engaging activities organized by the FWOCcers, OGLs and Block committees. 

On the first day of FWOC, we welcomed all the freshmen to the Kent Ridge family. Exciting games were put in place to nuture a bond and foster strong friendships with one another, be it senior or freshmen.  

Day 2 started off with a variety of games that promoted interaction with all freshmen and seniors, from treasure hunts to wet games, cultivating a camarederie among Kent Ridgeans. The night ended with a Game Show that provided the freshmen an opportunity to showcase some of their talents and be entertained with game shows. 

On the final day of FWOC, we initiated the freshmen to Kent Ridge Hall, officially welcoming them into the Kent Ridge Family. All Kent Ridgeans were welcomed to join in a hall-wide BBQ together before moving on to the Finale Nights that were put together by our amazing culture performance. 

In essence, FWOC is the first step to welcome all Kent Ridgeans to their new home. Kent Ridge Hall is a place where one can explore to enrich themselves and foster lifelong friendships. Every senior and freshmen play an intergral part in making FWOC a memorable event. Being the first hall-wide event, FWOC hope that this has provided everyone a fun and adventurous start to the Kent Ridge Hall journey.