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D&D 19/20

After a one year hiatus, KR's Dinner and Dance was back with a bang. This year's D&D followed the theme "NetKRix", where Kent Ridgeans dressed up based on their different block themes, namely Romance, Sci-fi, Horror and Thriller, Kids, and Superheroes. Held at Kent Ridge Guild House right across the road, residents were treated to a delectable 7-course meal, coupled with stunning performances by our very own KR Rockers, ACA and Dance.
On top of that, the blocks cheered their hearts out during the Bash contestants performance, where the five pairs donned in their Bash costumes gave us a teaser of what we can expect for KR Bash. The night ended off on a high note with the Lucky Unlucky draw, where two people get to select which side of the stage to stand after being given a clue, and only one received a massive reward while the other received a small consolation prize. When one won AirPods, the other won a box of apples, that's right, the fruit. Other fantastic prizes include a fridge, Scoot vouchers, monitor, Golden Village Gold Class tickets and staycation. The not-so-lucky counterparts walked home with popcorn, neck pillow and screen cleaning wipes. The Best Dressed table dressed as Titanic (they even made a ship) won themselves a yacht trip! It was indeed an unforgettable experience to kickstart the semester, one which sets the tone for the many events lined up for the year.

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