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KRBFF 19/20


KR BFF night was held on the 28th of August this year and what a night to remember it was! KR BFF is an initiative started a few years ago by FWOC to let freshmen partner and interact with seniors to help integrate into hall! The whole month of KR BFF was marked by an endless stream of welfare and some amazing door decorations, both by the freshies and seniors. BFFs were all trying to one-up each other with more and more welfare and goodies, as this year prizes were given for the best door, best senior, best freshie and best BFF pair!

The team for this year's KR BFF night was "Lost In Time" and BFF pairs were encouraged to dress up based on their own intepretation of the theme!

Here are some words for the FWOC 19/20 Chairperson.

KR BFF Night was a memorable night for all KR BFF pairs as it commerated the official end of a journey of senior to freshmen pairs sharing welfare with each other and helping the freshmen integrate better into Kent Ridge Hall. I was rather intrigued and impressed by costumes as many KR BFF pairs went to great lengths to display and win the various awards, such as the Best Costume award. Some costumes were bought, and some were even painstakingly designed and crafted from scratch. I do hope for all the KR BFF pairs out there, that this commemorative event was not the end of the KR BFF experience as in the Kent Ridge family, we should always be there for one another, sharing our help, assistance and advice whenever needed.

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