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RAG 19/20


"RAG" stands for "Receive and Give" and it is a public performance put up by various faculties and halls to mark the end of the freshmen orientation period. It’s a  summer long project where freshman come together to put up a large scale performance to represent their hall or faculty. It is also NUSSU’s way of recognizing and thanking the public for their generous donations during NUSSU Flag Day.

This year, Kent Ridge Hall collaborated with Sheares Hall to put up a spectacular RAG performance. Led by the RAG Committee 19/20, the KRaSHEARES Rag team of over a 100 freshmen dancers and floaters, spent their summer months on numerous dance practices and building sessions to put together a marvellous set of floats and a stunning dance performance. Many of these participants had no prior experiencing in dancing or float-building, but under the guidance of the committee and through their own hard work and determination, they put up a fantastic and memorable performance on RAG DAY that they, and the rest of the hall could be proud of. 

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