NUS Freshman Orientation Programme (FOP) is jointly managed by the NUSSU Freshmen Orientation Central Committee and the NUS Office of Student Affairs. Every year, FOP is spearheaded by passionate and zealous seniors who pay-it-forward to promise freshmen a fun and memorable summer. The annual 'by students, for students' programme is exemplary of leadership, service and a fulfilling student experience that awaits you in NUS!


from Deputy Dean of Students, Assoc Prof Ho Han Kiat

Across the various Faculties, Halls, Residential Colleges, Registered Societies and Interest Groups, Freshman Orientation Programmes are held between June to August each year. These are usually categorised into:

Social Camps

Kickstart your university journey with the summer of a lifetime!

Immerse yourself thoroughly in the faculty vibrancy, exciting residential life, meaningful societies and passionate interest groups through June and July. What's more? You get to enjoy fun and engaging activities with new friends who will tide you over difficult times.

Orientation Week Camps

From July to August, be involved in some of the largest orientation camps right before the semester begins! Worried about module registration? Unsure about what student groups to join? Fret not! Seniors from faculties, halls and residential colleges will guide you every step of the way to assure a seamless transition into NUS!

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