2021 Starter Kit

As an international student, you will need to adjust to a new environment, ways of living and university life. We have designed this practical Starter Kit for you to get familiar with its contents to help you adjust to NUS’s environment.

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Welcome Events

Familiarise yourself with NUS and its surroundings through these welcome events to understand the local way of living, working and playing!

intl students-Welcome Events

International Students’ Relations (ISR)

International Students’ Relations (ISR) is a committee that strives for the well-being of international students in NUS which also promotes intercultural friendships and understanding. We aim to build a supportive environment for the international students in NUS. We understand their needs, speak for them, provide support to them and safeguard their well beings. Throughout the semester, we organize a variety of events that provide a platform for local as well as international students to get to know one another.

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