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Dining with Master

In a move to foster closer bonding with our residents, PGP House kick-started a new initiative “Dining With Master” (DwM) in AY18/19 Semester 1. This initiative was brought about as the PGP House Management Team wanted to have a better understanding of the issues from the ground through weekly interactions with house residents.

Organised in a small group setting of 2-5 clusters every week, house residents are encouraged to voice their concerns and share their thoughts during the dinner meetings with the House Master and Resident Fellows.

During the first semester of AY18/19, more than 200 residents attended the dinner sessions which were held over a period of 12 weeks. Most of the feedback raised were related to infrastructural feedback, amenities and facilities upgrades, as well as the student-related programmes offered in PGP House.

Notes were taken during the meeting and most of the feedback have been addressed, such as the extension of gym’s opening hours and the provision of HALAL food option in PGP House. Likewise, most of the maintenance related issues have been brought to the attention of relevant office and have been rectified.