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Frugality and Sustainable Living

Together, we can pay it forward.


At the core of PGP House's ethos is the simple belief in the power of humanity. In line with that, the House has embraced the theme of Frugality and Sustainable Living, as an intentional effort to remind all residents that they can do their part to contribute meaningfully to the House and the larger community beyond.


Residents who are passionate and aspiring for social changes are encouraged to innovate solutions for the betterment of community through frugal innovation* initiatives, adopting frameworks of service learning. 

*Frugal Innovation is the process of reducing complexity and cost of goods or services without sacrificing quality. 


If you are keen to participate in Frugality and Sustainable Living initiatives, or have ideas to propose, please contact the Director of Frugality and Sustainable Living at 

How we relate with Sustainable Living?
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Fern Ling Chettle

Our time spent in Mother’s Home in Myanmar was full of learning, sharing, and appreciating time together with the group of children and teenagers who call it home... More than anything, we got to experience the sense of family and community that exists so tightly in a place like Mother’s Home, and it was an insightful and impactful experience that I feel very lucky to have had.

- Fern Ling Chettle

PGP House Resident, Year 1