Why Live On Campus?


Live in a community

a home away from home. Forging friendships that last a lifetime, living on campus provides immersion opportunities in a vibrant multinational environment.


Live near to classes and amenities

out of bed and to class within minutes, enjoy the convenience of living close to the sports facilities, libraries and other campus amenities.


Live it up!

from joining student organisations to attending sporting events, on-campus concerts and conferences, complete the “NUS Experience” by living on campus.

What are the 3 Different Types of Residential Options? How to Apply?

Residential Options How to Apply

The Halls of Residence are vibrant communities dedicated to experiential learning.

NUS offers a variety of accommodation options to suit the needs and aspirations of full-time NUS students.

Residential living is an essential part of a holistic university education. It offers a life-time opportunity for students to live amongst peers from different countries, social and cultural backgrounds, and academic disciplines. It provides ample opportunities for one to step out, engage, and open one’s mind to others. It also enables students to hone their leadership skills, people skills, and forge lasting friendships with one another.

NUS offers three different types of residential options for full-time NUS students to choose from - Halls of Residences (known for their rich co-curricular activities and experiential learning beyond the classroom), Residential Colleges (which offer a residential living experience intertwined with unique academic programmes) and Student Residences (opportunities to participate actively in campus wide activities and interact with peers from diverse backgrounds and cultures).

   Halls of Residence  Residential Colleges Student Residences
 Meal Plan  Yes (Compulsory)1  Yes (Compulsory)  No
 Academic Programmes/Modules  Yes (Optional)  Yes (Compulsory)  No
 Hostel Activities  Yes  Yes   Yes (Optional)
 Room Type  Single and Double  Single and Double2  Single

1 With the exception of PGP House.

2 For Residential Colleges, only RVRC has double rooms.

Hong Xian Li

"Every resident brings unique experiences and skill sets to the table and they inspire you to be the best version of yourself. Embrace the abundant opportunities for growth and excellence in hostels."

- Hong Xian Li

64th JCRC President, King Edward VII Hall, AY2020/21