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Halls of Residence

Vibrant communities dedicated to experiential learning.

Expect personal development opportunities through a myriad of co-curricular activities across sports, community engagement and cultural activities. Some General Education modules and Design-Your-Own-Course are offered here, with opportunities for elected student leadership via the Junior Common Room Committee (JCRC). Meal plans included.


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Eusoff Hall

Eusoff Hall (EH) is a progressive residence offering inclusive, stimulating and purposeful living-cum-learning programmes. At EH, you will find a home away from home, enjoy peer academic support from academically gifted seniors, immerse in intentional engagement in co-curricular activities and build lasting friendships. EH prepares you for work life and makes your university experience meaningful and memorable. 
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Kent Ridge Hall

Kent Ridge Hall (KRH) strives to be a premium provider of a first class university living experience that is unique and well rounded. Through a myriad of opportunities in the performing arts, sports or committees that cater to your passion, immerse yourself in the positive and vibrant living experiences of university on-campus housing by becoming part of the KRH family. Residents of KRH who are interested in entrepreneurship can also look forward to applying for the KREATE award, which aims to provide seed funding for business proposals that are innovative and have potential commercial value.
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King Edward VII Hall

With a century-old tradition, King Edward VII Hall (KEVII)’s uniqueness is its strong commitment to cultivating individual effectiveness within a living-learning community. KEVII offers a plethora of out-of-classroom activities in the theatre arts, culture, music, sports, photo-journalism, community engagement, and leadership.  You will actively explore and develop your distinctive voice as you learn, grow and interact within a supportive, inclusive, and diverse community. With effective integration between heritage and the enthusiasm of its residents, KEVII embodies synergy and vibrancy in living its motto – “to strive, to seek, to serve”.
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Raffles Hall

Established in 1958, Raffles Hall (RH) has a rich heritage supported by strong alumni relations and a traditional culture of excellence cultivated by its residents. It is the largest and most centrally located hall within the Kent Ridge Campus. The RH experience provides ample opportunities for residents to excel in academic and co-curricular pursuits, including staging original and successful musical productions annually that display their skillsets and creative expressions as well as experiencing new pursuits to enhance your residential life on campus.
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Sheares Hall

Founded in 1952 as the Dunearn Road Hostels, Sheares Hall (SH) has groomed generations of notable leaders and has an exceptional alumni network that set up the very first hall-based bursary at NUS. At SH, be prepared to immerse yourself in a spectrum of experiences through living together and through cultural, sports, committee, and community activities. Our aim is to facilitate your development – it’s not just what you come in with that’s important to us, but what you leave SH with that we strive hard towards. At SH, we want you to dare to reach the highest in all aspects of your time at NUS. 
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Temasek Hall

Temasek Hall (TH) prides itself on its sports excellence as shown in its stellar performances in Inter-Hall Games and in its continual efforts to nurture sports talents. TH believes in being a Hall of Opportunities, where you will be exposed to the areas of sports, performing arts, leadership and organisational committees. Most importantly, TH strives to be the second home for all residents. As its motto goes, "Some Call it a Hostel, We Call it Home".
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