Student Leaders Resources


The Office of Students Affairs (OSA) offers you a wealth of resources to enrich your student life on campus. These resources are for current student organisation leaders and seniors who wish to start a new student organisation.

The NUS Student Leaders Resources is one of such essential guides for your student organisations to thrive on campus. As a student leader, you want to ensure your “house is in order” to perform core administrative functions such as portal registration/renewal on NUSync, event management, members recruitment, and budgets.

There would be opportunities for you to develop an acute understanding of the University’s policies and guidelines and also hone your leadership abilities through organising student activities. These activities should be conducted in such a way that the safety of students is taken care of and that University guidelines are met. It is with these considerations in mind that we have put together this suite of resources.

Read on to know how you can make a positive impact on student life, optimise and leverage on the available resources to organise meaning activities and help you make the most of your time as a student.

Staff Advisors 
Thank you for stepping forward to mentor our student organisations. Regardless whether you are a staff advisor to a Hostel group, Sports or Interest Group, we are here to support you. 
>>>Click here to view the relevant policies and guides. You need to be logged onto NUSync to access these resources.
>>>If not invited yet, click here to request to join our Staff Advisor Learning Circle where we will keep you posted on various engagement sessions!

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Get Started 

Starting New Student Org/
Renewing your portal

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Get Funded

Financial schemes for your projects   

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Get NUSync

Bringing your student experience to life

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Get Equipped 

Trainings and Workshops

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Get Organised 

Event Planning & Management

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Get Benefits 

Empowerment for student leaders