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Privileges for student leaders

Benefits of being a Student Leader 

There are many opportunities availed to student leaders to form and establish networks with fellow students both within the University and with both local and overseas partner universities through events and trainings. Student leaders are exposed to University senior management through various engagement platforms and events.  You can be the voice for the student community and be involved in policy making matters.

Residence Admissions Scheme (RAS)

The University recognises the time and effort of students who take on leadership and management roles in the various student groups that they participate in through the provision of on-campus accommodation.

The Residence Admissions Scheme (RAS) framework is applicable to full-time local and international senior undergraduate students. 

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Access to Facilities & Equipment  

Student groups are allowed up book facilities and Audio/Visual equipment for use within Kent Ridge Campus to support their activities. 

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Trainings & Workshops  

Key appointment holders in student organisations will be provided with opportunity to be trained via specially tailored workshops to be sufficiently enabled to dispense your duties. 

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