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Registering and renewing your portal


Start a New Student Organisation

Are you looking to start on your student life journey? There are over 200 official student organisations in NUS. Check out the directory here to find the student organisations that meet your interests.

Are you looking to set up a student organisation with an interest that is unique and not offered by any of the existing organisations? Follow through with the steps below:

Step 1: Checklist
Before starting on the registration process, check that your group complies with the interest group governing policies. You can use this checklist.

Step 2: Discuss
Checked off all the requirements on the checklist? You can now proceed to schedule an appointment to speak with an OSA Staff by sending an email to

Step 3: Application
Application will open at the beginning of every semester and a link will be provided to all groups who have completed a preliminary discussion with OSA. During the application process, you will have to submit a list of documents that can be found here.

Step 4: Presentation
After reviewing all applications, groups that have met all requirements will do a short presentation to a panel. During this presentation, you will provide a detailed walkthrough of your group’s objectives and activities. You can find more information on what should be included in your presentation here.

Step 5: Registration
Successful applicants will then proceed to register their Student Organisation as an Interest Group (IG). All successful applicants will be provided with:

  1. NUSync Portal (official CCA platform for all official IG)
  2. WBS (equivalent to a bank account)