A special Hari Raya and Syawal to remember

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Marina Barrage: RIHLAH1441H committee at a bonding session in December 2019.

24 May 2020

Shaik Mohamed Syahmi, Project Director of RIHLAH1441H, a campaign-based sports outreach unit of the NUS Muslim Society (NUSMS), got his creative juices flowing by organising not one but two new activities for the holy month of Ramandan and Syawal.

We check in with the Year 2 Engineering student why this year’s celebration is extra special and memorable for NUSMS members and their friends and family.  

As Muslims were unable to visit the mosques to donate directly to mosques during the month of Ramadan, NUSMS launched a Circuit Breaker donation exercise (no pun intended) Bling for a Dollar on Instagram (IG). The challenge incentivises participants to workout at home and for each exercise set they complete, RIHLAH1441H contributes five dollars to OurMasjid. Over the five-day IG challenge, NUSMS raised $2,000 for the beneficiary. It was a win-win activity because participants got fitter and mosques can emerge out of their challenging financial situations with the generosity of the community.

Following the roaring successes of Bling for a Dollar, NUSMS revealed that there will be another planned activity in the pipeline. Going by the name Circuit Break-Sweat, the online event will commence from 25 May onwards. In this home-based activity, participants will build on their physical, mental and spiritual strengths needed to get through this trying period.

RIHLAH1441H IG page

Said Shaik: “Hari Raya and Syawal will look different this year but with the same enthusiasm and spirit”.

NUSMS hopes to “unlock a tenacious mindset that inspires participants to give their best” even if they have little to offer. Through Circuit Break-Sweat, members will learn that even insignificant actions can reap rewards.

He added: “…it will be meaningful with online home visits with relatives and treasuring favourite classic Raya dishes and cookies.”

Despite the current COVID-19 situation, our human spirit remain and the spirit of Hari Raya lives on. Together, we can all get through these challenging times.


Photo: NUS Muslim Society