Denim Strikes Back

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More than just a fashion statement: staff from the Office of Student Affairs make a collective social statement by wearing jeans to work on Wed 28 April 2021.

28 April 2021

As at 5pm today, the NUS Care Unit (NCU) collected almost 800 pledges from the NUS community to support survivors in their healing journey, speak up against erroneous attitudes and beliefs, and build a campus free from sexual misconduct.

Staff and students came together as OneNUS to stand in solidarity –  they wore jeans or a denim day badge distributed by NCU at the inaugural event commemorating Denim Day.

Dr Tong Yew Kwan, Associate Director, NCU, met many staff and students who are concerned and open to supporting survivors while handing out denim day badges across the NUS Kent Ridge campus past few weeks.

He said: “There’s a positive vibe and energy on the ground that NUS can harness, a capacity for empathy. And through this exercise, we hope to reach out to every student and staff so that they are aware that NCU is here to support them and feel empowered to seek help from us in times of need.”


Donning jeans, demonstrating support.


Triniti Ng Sok Ying, Year 1 student from FASS, has made a pledge. She believes that the University is moving in the right direction with this new awareness for sexual misconduct and survivors. She wears her denim day badge with a purpose on this day and encourages everyone to be a part of this day of action.

Triniti advises survivors to “not be afraid to speak out because there are experts in NUS to help guide you through.”

Students like Triniti can help raise awareness about Denim Day on social media with NCU’s #DenimDayNUScampaign. Post a photo of you in your denim on Instagram and tag @nusdenimday, using the hashtags #DenimDayNUS #DenimDay

More About Denim Day

Denim Day is a month-long campaign in April developed by Peace Over Violence in honour of Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Denim Day originated from an unjust court ruling made in 1999 which prejudiced a victim of sexual assault for her wearing of jeans. Since then, wearing jeans has become an international symbol of solidarity to end all forms of gender prejudice, sexual misconceptions, and physical aggression. Denim Day is now observed across the U.S. from LA to NYC, in North and South America, Europe, Africa and Australia. 

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Download the Denim Day Action Card here.


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