Digitising Welfare: Taking care of students in a smart and convenient way

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NUSSU eVoucher website with its clean and easy-to-use interface

27 May 2021

Remember when you hoarded vouchers from goodie bags and ended up not using most of them because you forgot about their expiry dates? Or you might have just casually misplaced them somewhere in your hostel room’s drawers? Or you lost your e-vouchers in your email spam box? 

It’s okay. We have all been there, and as we clean up our drawers at the end of each semester with piles of unused vouchers, don’t we wish for a better way to deal with voucher redemption?

Fret not. No longer would you have to sort and track your vouchers. With just your email and a single click, you now have a user-friendly and intuitive platform to store and manage all your promotions: NUSSU eVoucher.

NUSSU eVoucher is a beta website that acts as a portal for NUSSU Welfare to distribute promotions to students. Once you register your email with NUSSU Welfare by responding to the Exam Welfare Pack Survey, you would be able to get access to the website with exclusive vouchers and promotions from an extensive base of sponsors and partners.

A promising future for less waste, better welfare and higher efficiency

Understanding students’ concerns about reducing digital and carbon footprint, while simultaneously maximising their benefits when it comes to managing and claiming their vouchers, NUSSU Welfare and NUSSU commIT proposed the idea of NUSSU eVoucher and accelerated its execution within 4 months.

The portal not only makes it simpler and easier for students to receive, store and redeem the vouchers, but also reduces waste from printing vouchers and saves 50 man hours of designing and sending out emails to students for every round of promotion.

Wong Zhou Wai, Director of NUSSU Welfare, said that he hoped with the help of the platform, there would be “a continuous increase in engagement by the student body in receiving both tangible and intangible welfare benefits.”

It was not an easy process for both teams involved. Aiming to launch the website by exam week, the team was working within a tight timeline. It was a daunting task for the team to handle the technicalities of website development, manage administrative matters of student logins, and explain and onboard sponsors onto the new platform.

“As students, the work we did was definitely intense, especially given the short development time frame. However, being able to create a real, functional platform that other students can enjoy has been quite the rewarding experience,”

explained Chong Jing Quan, Project Team Lead.

Thrilled by their current project, the teams are riding on the wave of their successful launch and announcing a few more projects that aim to surprise students with new benefits.

“Ultimately, we would like to integrate the platform into uNivUS,” explained Kenny Hermawan, Project Manager/Advisor from NUSSU commIT, who also said that with this goal in mind they were hoping to work with the University to iron out administrative formalities and develop even better user experience for students.

There would also be goodies for Freshman Welfare Gift, and Project Dusk, a brand new next-gen welfare project that would blow your mind with its creative format, so stay tuned and look out for more exciting gifts from NUSSU Welfare.


  1. Wong Zhou Wai (Product Owner, Director of NUSSU Welfare Projects)
  2. Melvin Yeo (Product Owner, NUSSU Welfare Projects, Deputy Director(External))
  3. Lee Cheryl (Product Owner, NUSSU Welfare Projects Deputy Director(Internal))
  4. Valen Yo (Product Owner, NUSSU Welfare Projects Head of Marketing)
  5. Chong Jing Quan (Team Lead, NUSSU commIT Tech Director)
  6. Nicholas Christian Fernando (Team Co-Lead, NUSSU commIT Tech Director)
  7. Radian Krisno (Team Member, NUSSU commIT Training Executive)
  8. Caitlin Jee (Team Member, NUSSU commIT Tech Executive)
  9. Christian Drake Martin (Team Member, NUSSU commIT Tech Executive)
  10. Ronald Santoso (Project Advisor, NUSSU commIT Chairperson)
  11. Matheus Aaron (Project Advisor, NUSSU commIT Vice Chairperson)
  12. Christian Steven Jonathan (Project Advisor, NUSSU commIT Vice Chairperson)
  13. Kenny Hermawan (Project Manager/Advisor, NUSSU commIT)


Writer: Le Khuc Hoang Uyen, Undergraduate, CNM
Photos: OSA, NUSSU commIT