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Eating Green 101: How to Make Delicious Plant-Based Dishes with NUS VEGE

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3 June 2021

Before you think that plant-based food is just tofu being disguised as chicken, let us change your mind! Plant-based diets can be extremely diverse and delicious, and NUS VEGE, or NUS Vision of Equality for a Greener Earth, is here to show us that green recipes can be the best recipes sometimes.

In conjunction with the NUS Meat-Lite Movement, NUS VEGE worked with NUS canteen stall owners and Office of Campus Amenities to bring more plant-based options to F&B establishments around the campus. After introducing the plant-based diet to the NUS community, NUS VEGE has collaborated with the Office of Environmental Sustainability to produce a video showcasing a plant-based recipe that is healthy, easy to make and absolutely mouth-watering.

In the video, Teng Chu Yu from NUS VEGE demonstrates a fuss-free and easy recipe for Korean Jajangmyeon, a popular Chinese-inspired noodle dish. There would also be information about where you can find plant-based meals on campus, how to make your own plant-based dishes at home with accessible ingredients, and how plant-based diets are both better for the environment and your health.

Founded last semester as one of the latest Interest Groups (IG) for vegans, vegetarians, and anyone interested in reducing their consumption of animal products within the University, NUS VEGE hopes to raise awareness about the moral and environmental aspects of a plant-based diet and lifestyle, as well as educate the community about the plight of the animals and the environment caused by animal agriculture.

Driven by their concerns for the environment, ethics and health, the IG continues to accelerate projects that engage, educate and also entertain their members and interested students. Some of their previous activities include:

  1. Volunteering with “Mummy Yummy”, a not-for-profit organisation that distributes free cooked vegetarian food to their beneficiaries right to their doorsteps.

  2. “What I eat in a day” challenge series on Instagram where each group member will share about what they eat in a day on our Instagram stories.

  3. Online movie screenings using streaming platforms such as Netflix party where the members can watch the movie and interact with the others.

Watch the full video on YouTube, and follow NUS VEGE on their social media platforms if you are interested in their activities, or want to have a supportive and beginner-friendly community to kick-start your vegan/vegetarian lifestyle!


Writer: Le Khuc Hoang Uyen, Undergraduate, CNM