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Flipping Prata Between Class

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NUS Faculty of Law students perfecting their prata flip with practice towels.

9 April 2021 

During recess week from 20 to 28 February, Law students at Bukit Timah campus were busy with mid-term examination preparations. Despite their workload, they took a timeout with several Wellness workshops including learning how to flip crispy, delicious hand-made roti prata.  

The Prata Making Workshop was held at Casuarina Curry on 24 and 25 February over four sessions. 32 students had the opportunity to learn how to make prata from scratch.  This included getting to know the ingredients, kneading fresh dough, and flipping prata. After the class, the participants enjoyed tasty pratas and received a certificate of participation.  

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many students have found themselves stuck at home with online lectures and an overwhelming number of assignments. Benedict Wong, a second-year Law student was excited for a chance to get out of the house to interact with others and make new friends. He had been feeling stressed over internship applications and deadlines for an important assignment, so he enjoyed taking some time off to relax.  


Caleb Cheng, Year 2 Law student learning the ropes of prata-making from an instructor. (Photo courtesy of Debbie Ng) 

Heidi Chew, a second-year Law student participated in the workshop together with her friends. They prioritised study breaks to eat, relax, and check-in with one another.  


NUS Faculty of Law students enjoying their prata meal after completing the workshop. 

This workshop was organised by NUS Students' Law Club and supported by the Office of Student Affairs. The workshops gave students opportunities to relax during their study breaks as well as to better cope with the stressors that they face. 


Debbie Ng, Management Trainee, Student Wellness, Office of Student Affairs