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Growing Ground-Up Initiatives at USP – one pot at a time

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Team USP^3D and their 3D printed potted plants

5 May 2021

In December 2020, while exploring for a suitable project to embark on as part of the Seeds of Good Programme, Rachel Teng Ying Xin, a Year 3 Faculty of Arts and Social Science student and her team observed that some of their peers in the University Scholars Programme (USP) were having difficulties coping with their expenses while staying at the Cinnamon College. This compelled them to reach out to the College Administration to organise a fundraiser that contributes to the USP Student Assistance Fund.

Tapping on Assets within USP

With a goal to raise monies for USP students who needed financial assistance, the team worked with the University Scholars Club’s (USC) Makers Studio to produce 3D printed potted plants using their 3D printers while tapping into the USP Ground-up Initiative (GUI) to finance the production costs of the pots.


Full range of 3D printed pots waiting for its plants and paint

The team consulted USP’s gardening interest group, USPermaculture to design instruction cards to care for air plants. They also worked with the USC Cultural Arts Directorate to integrate the painting sessions to a wider USP event called Art Fort to recruit 13 volunteers to help paint the pots and grow the plants .

After publicising on various Telegram channels, USP email newsletter and other social media, they received close to 70 orders and raised awareness for the Fund.


Final products after a fresh coat of paint and an air plant

Rachel reflected: “It was extremely heart-warming watching the USP community come together for this project. This is indeed a testament to the spirit of mutual aid and community support in USP that ensures no ever gets left behind or forgotten, as long as someone takes the first step and we leverage on our individual assets and strengths for the greater good.”

By February 2021, the team raised over $600 for the Fund and passed down the blueprints of their project to the Makers Studio for future initiatives.


If you're looking for funds to carry out your own community engagement project, check out OSA fundings here


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