"Ink Up" to Lift Up

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23 April 2020

Project Ink Up is a self-initiated fundraising project, aimed at supporting migrant workers in Singapore who have been struggling with their livelihood due to the COVID-19 situation.

With the number of COVID-19 cases rising within the migrant working communities, Jillian Tan, FASS, Year 4 was concerned about the situation. She wondered how she could help them without actually going out of her home.

 A bright idea struck her tired mind while doodling with her watercolours - why not design cards and sell them online so that proceeds can go to the migrant workers? That was when Project Ink Up came to life. 

Jillian's project aims to spread love and kindness by:

  1. Encouraging individuals to express appreciation to frontline workers by writing on "thank you" letters, and 

  2. Helping to pay-it-forward by donating all proceeds to migrant workers

The art making took Jillian's mind off her own stress and worries. She hopes this initiative can encourage more people to do good.

Buying a card may be just one simple act of kindness but the effects will be multiplied when one gets to encourage others, and support the migrant workers in their daily lives.

Since 21 April, the fundraising campaign has raised over $1,200.


“I learnt that we can do so much together as one. The resilience and compassion that I've observed from the society during this period have truly amazed me. I hope we can continue to stay strong and fight against the COVID-19 situation together.”
- Jillian Tan, Year 4, FASS student

Ready to make a difference? Head over to @ProjectInkUp to contribute.


Writer: Lily Chow 
Editor: Elissa Chia 
Photos: Jillian Tan