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Lights Out, Earth Hour In

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3 April 2020

Many activities were suspended due to COVID-19 safety measures, yet three student organisations were not deterred by the situation. They did not just turn off the lights, instead they have activated communities to save electricity, reduced light pollution and ran a recycling roadshow.

Here is what they did for Earth Hour 2020:

RC4Earth IG Challenge

OSAY_RC4Earth Images: @rc4earth IG

UTown residents participated in this eco-friendly challenge simply by switching off their lights and saving electricity. The house with the least number of lighted rooms, as viewed from CAPT and Dover Road, tabulated the highest score. The winning group is Shyrie Chopra’s team. The truth is – we all win when the earth is healthy!

Stargazing with tAstro


Left: Our telescope pointed towards Venus which is the bright dot between the trees. The building in view is the Yale-NUS building. Photo: Yap Kai 
Right: Participants taking an image of the moon through the telescope. Photo: Yap Kai

Tembusu College’s tAstro club wanted to illustrate the effects of light pollution caused by the increasing use of artificial lights. The effects of light pollution is best shown by its impact on stargazing, where the stars are washed out by the lights. Tembusians took this 1-hour opportunity to stargaze at the roof top of the Education Resource Centre. It is a dark and conducive place where you can see the Tembusu building from the rooftop. This collective effort of switching off the lights has allowed us to observe what we want to preserve – the beautiful night skies.

Road show for Recycle Right

Video by Sheun Yong  

A group of passionate scholars from the Seeds of Good Programme partnered with the Office of Estate Development to inform the NUS community the correct way of reducing, re-using and recycling. This initiative assisted SDE students who are conducting a contamination study of the recycling bins on campus for two weeks. Faculty of Science student, Wang Yuchen breaks it down for us in this video.

Earth Hour does not end with these three student groups and their initiatives. We can be conscious of our daily habits and change our actions so that nature can be protected. 


Daphne Lim (RC4Earth), Kai Wen Tham (tAstro) and Wang Yuchen (Seeds of Good Programme).