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“Volunteering is an introspective journey, and it does not need to start with large endeavours but should begin with small acts of kindness and empathy within one’s capacity instead.”

– Tan Wei Xiang, President of the NUS Community Service Club’s 18th Management Committee

3 July 2020 

COVID-19 was no match for these NUS students who desire to help and support the community in whatever way they could.

From organising various donation drives, online tutoring sessions for youths-at-risk, to creating an online shopping platform to support local businesses, our student groups have played their part to serve the community.

In this trying period, they saw the opportunity to give back and found joy along the way.

Here is a look back at some small but significant volunteering efforts in May and June this year. 

If you want to champion a purposeful student life, re-invent the landscape of community service in your community, find out how you can get involved. Read more.


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