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NUS Student Sets Up the “Solidarity Pledge”

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25 April 2020

When news of the Solidarity Budget was announced by the Singapore Government on 6 April 2020, Year 3, NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine student Koh Ying Ying was stuck in a hotel room serving her Stay-Home-Notice.

Seeing how the pandemic has affected communities and families, Ying Ying decided to use her money differently by donating her pay-out to organisations she felt connected to. She pledged the full amount and started the “Solidarity Pledge” campaign on social media. Over time, she convinced her friends to follow suit and the donations have increased.

“Sometimes the barrier to donation is that people don’t know which charity to donate to. I hope that by creating a social media movement, I can share about the array of organisations and reduce the inertia to donate” said Ying Ying.

The Solidarity Pledge has collected over $3,800 of pledges made towards various organisations in order to achieve progress in their work. Many of Ying Ying’s friends donated to organisations that support migrant worker rights such as Transient Workers Count Too (TWC2) and Migrant Workers’ Centre (MWC) to provide support to this marginalised community.

“It’s wonderful to see the pledges coming in for different meaningful causes” added Ying Ying. She shared that one of her friends even took money from his personal savings to add to his donation.

If you have been inspired by your peers, and are in a position to be able to provide financial help to others who are in need, join Ying Ying to pledge your donations at @solidaritypledge.



Writer: Lily Chow
Editor: Elissa Chia