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Speaking out takes courage

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11 April 2022

It takes courage to revisit fear and to break the silence.

It takes courage for a survivor of sexual assault to open up and share her/his story.

Courage comes in different forms and has different meanings for each individual. In planting the seeds of courage in someone whom you are trying to help, it is important that we allow them to accept and nurture their courage at their own time and space. How can we as a community make a difference to give helpful support and courage to those who fear speaking up about their experience?

Zen Chen, Care Manager and Team Lead of NUS Care Unit, supports individuals affected by sexual misconduct. She had served in public health services, community mental health services, psychiatry, and the social service sector in Singapore and England.

In OSAY!'s Podcast series, we hear how we can, as a community, help the victim of survival feel that they are not alone in this journey of recovery.

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