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teamNUS athletes produced YouTube Workouts for guest students @ NUS

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22 May 2020

Yesterday, on 21 May, we received our first group of 50 guest students at Prince George’s Park Residences (PGPR) Community Recovery Facility (CRF).

Thanks to a group of student-athletes who stepped up to the call to produce a playlist of easy workout videos so that our foreign worker friends can exercise in the comfort of their rooms.

“These workers constitute an important part of the workforce in Singapore but they are often under-recognised”, noted Associate Professor Ho Han Kiat, Vice Dean of Students at the NUS Office of Student Affairs.

“NUS is proud to be hosting patients in our hostels. Many students and professors have volunteered to be translators and coordinators in a daily ‘curriculum’ we have put together for them. The patients will be with us for only a week before they return to their own accommodations… We hope this one week will allow NUS to show, in small part, how much we value and appreciate what they have done,” added Assoc Prof Ho.

Javier Soong who put together the NUS Cross Country workout video agrees with Assoc Prof Ho. He said: “Migrant workers are the backbone of the economy and have helped to build the infrastructure in Singapore. All of us are going through a tough period and especially so for the migrant workers who are away from their families and living in uncertainty.”

Undeterred by the 3-day production lead-time, Ding Youjia, Year 1 Computing student from NUS Football (Women) kept her spirits high while creating the homemade video. "I'm happy and thankful to be part of this initiative knowing that my efforts will encourage them."

Year 2 Medicine student Hannah Tay who led in the NUS Badminton workout revealed: “It feels nice to know that I’m doing something to benefit others. The foreign workers are definitely bored and worried at the facility, so doing these things could encourage them while keeping them entertained”.  

“We celebrate with them as they ‘graduate’, healthy and strong.” 

- Assoc Prof Ho Han Kiat

Words of Encouragement

“Thank you for building our home together with us. Let us all work as one to overcome this challenging period!” – Javier Soong, NUS Cross Country, Year 1, Business

“Keep going and don’t give up!” – Hannah Tay, NUS Badminton, Year 2, Medicine

“Take care and we will get through this challenging period together!” – Eng Chin An, NU Badminton, Year 2, Real Estate

Check out the full playlist (You can try it at home too!). 











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