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The art of being mentally healthy

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Estelle Lim, Year 2 Dentistry student, with her completed terrarium from the PitStop Workshop.

15 October 2020

It has been a jam-packed week of activities at the Wellness Festival that took place from 1 to 16 October 2020. Many NUS students have shown how they have been practising the 7 PitStop Principles at the #PitStopChallenge. We got up close and personal with one of the students to find out how the festival programmes have impacted her.

Estelle Lim, a Year 2 Dentistry student, is an active member of the welfare committee in the faculty who enjoys creating art during her free time. She attended “T” for Timeout, a Terrarium PitStop Workshop as she has a love for plants. All festival workshops were conducted online due to COVID-19 pandemic. DIY kits were delivered to participant’s homes so everyone can join on Zoom platform to do the de-stressing activity together.

Estelle revealed how she has incorporated these principles into her busy school schedule, as well as how it has helped her cope with stress.

“Mental health is something I hold close to my heart and I believe strongly that everyone ought to take it more carefully.”

- Estelle Lim, Year 2, Dentistry

1. How did you find the PitStop Workshop?

I loved the workshop! I was relieved to find out I could make art at home! The materials of the terrarium kit were delivered to my doorstep. So convenient! I also really love how some of the faculty staff participated with us and it helped me to get to know them better.

DIY kits were delivered to participant’s homes so everyone can join on Zoom platform to do the de-stressing activity together.

2. How did the PitStop Workshop impact your mental wellbeing?

Sometimes school gets a bit too stressful. I’ll just gaze at my plants and get an immediate sense of peace. This workshop has a long-term benefit as it allowed me to nurture the plants and to feel a sense of responsibility for them.

3. How do you manage the stress from school?

I get too caught up with chasing grades in dental school. In the pursuit of academic achievements, students like myself may overlook the heathier measurement of self-worth. I’ll try to keep a more positive attitude ­­at school and focus on making meaningful connections with people instead of being focusing only on academic results.

4. How have you been practising the 7 PitStop Principles regularly?

I have been practicing “P-Purpose” prior to the workshop. I volunteer actively in my church’s Sunday School. For “T-Thoughtful eating”, I tend to choose healthier food choices.

5. How has these tips helped you with managing your stress?

I keep a journal and meditate from time to time as these activities help me to be grounded.

6. Would you continue practising the 7 PitStop Principles amid your busy schedule?

It is very important to have good habits that will carry on into the future. The University is a great place to start being in control of your life. I think that taking things one step at a time and changing my lifestyle should be something worth my time.

7. What advice would you give to your friends with regard to the 7 PitStop Principles and the importance of mental wellbeing?

I would like to advise my friends to continue looking for the bigger purpose in life and not get too focused on things that do not define them. You can focus on the community around you and have a more positive attitude to your daily life. This can manifest into having healthier habits such as having a gratitude journal, having thoughtful interactions with people, and even something small such as to take breaks in between studying.

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Writer: Serena Tan, OSA Student Wellness