USP students recreate a new UTown virtual experience one block at a time

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A realistic version of University Town (UTown) on a virtual platform. No physical Orientation? No problem. Freshmen get to explore their residential college (RC) in a game.

5 August 2020

Game mode on.

Defying the challenges of no face-to-face Orientation programme is the e-Orientation 2020 Committee from the University Scholars’ Programme (USP) who reside at Cinnamon Residential College. The group of students has literally upgraded their game and redefined their Orientation Camp (OCamp) experience for incoming freshmen.

Understanding the need to create a space for incoming freshmen to interact and bond with one another, the committee came up with hosting Minecraft for their OCamp – a collaborative video game that allows players to explore infinite worlds and build everything from the simplest of homes to the grandest of castles.

This is how they went out of their way to have a memorable Orientation.


The “Amazing Race” game recreates the college’s entire interior, with each room being a different station in the game. Freshmen get to play with fellow students, while familiarising themselves with the college’s infrastructure.

What is the point of playing Minecraft if you cannot get creative? The committee at USP knew it better than anyone. They created fictional spaces for the freshmen to enjoy team-building games and even build their own worlds.


Emerge yourself in a completely different space, built exclusively for the game of “Escape Room”, and work with teammates to find the clues to escape and win.


If one is a bit tired of the indoors, then welcome to the outdoor space in “Island Race”. Conquer the mountains and race through the terrains to be the first team to relay and win the game. Be careful - disturbers from the other teams may want to obstruct participants!


Want to get a bit more competitive? Try “War Game”. Students get to battle opponents to capture the flag and claim victory for their team.


Finally, to the most exciting part of the game, where freshmen can create their own reality – “Cinnamon Island” and “Building time”. Build their own landmark, erect their own fortress and boast to their friends about their impressive virtual buildings, like what these teams have done below!


And if these beautiful visuals still cannot satisfy participants’ curiosity, then take a look at the video below for a player’s point of view video. The college is planning to expand this version to include more stations for their Orientation Week. Have fun and keep an eye out for more interesting e-FOP activities from USP and NUS!


Writer: Le Khuc Hoang Uyen, Undergraduate, CNM
Photos: University Scholars Programme